COVID-19: FSSH FREE 2021 video competition

I know that I can be a bit bossy. Yup. So when the faculty organised a competition last May, my initial reaction was “Ok. It is just another competition“. Then, someone messaged me and reminded me that I need to submit a video. What a heck! In a midst of doing something else and now I had another thing that I required (semi-forced) to do, I was hesitant to submit a video for the competition.

Then I remembered a video (at that time, it was not finished yet) that I was creating for my class. A short video as another version of a class note. Rather than giving normal slides and whatever, I convert the notes, recycle some points here and there from the class notes and turn it into a video.

But I need pictures and second opinion. I was desperate. I asked some of the group members and most of them said “I didn’t use that in my class“. But, I know two people who use Gallery Walk in their class. So, I bugged them to give me pictures. Of course, they were hesitant. I told them something like this “You have nothing to lose. We need to do this as you will be the next in line to be bugged by you-know-who if we don’t get the video done. We need to help each other in this“. So, they shared the links to their Padlet. I screen shot it and cropped it and the video was done. Phew!

Of course, one of them feel guilty because as if I am the one who do all the work. Well, since I am using (paid some more, right?), I might as well use it to the max. What I need is someone to give me evidence in a form of pictures and someone who can double check the written texts in the video (context, grammatical mistakes, sentence structure and stuff). So, their contribution is in terms of giving me materials for my video and FOC of proof reading (tongue in cheek!).

Making a video is easier if we have materials, content that needed for a video. With my minimal skills of video editing, I use which does not require “technical” video editing skills. I do not need to know the “layers” of contents which can be found in Moovly, Powtoon and other apps when I use There is nothing wrong with Moovly or Powtoon but for me, it takes me longer time to produce a video using it.

Note: There are only a few people who are responsible in creating the video though and RM80 is for me to cover half the cost of the annual fees I paid (tongue in cheek!). Without the support of my Sub Group Leader (Dr Doria who happened to be my former student long time ago), the video which was used for the competition will remain as my class material in which I don’t use for whatever competition. Thanks to her, I was motivated to finish the video.

COVID-19: Face mask connector

The school where I did my Latihan Ikhtisas asked for my opinion for this week co-curricular activity.  They were going to do an activity involving sewing.  So, I suggested to make a simple face mask connector using left-over fabrics.  To cut cost.  But, due to time constraint, they opt to buy the materials instead.

So, here are some examples of the output.

well, they need to sew the corners to make it more proper. As a start, not bad, huh?


My personal collection. One might ask me why do I need to have more than one face mask connector. Well, I need to have extra, just in case I accidentally lose one. So, I have a “back-up” face mask connector.

COVID-19: Another spring clean project

I find it hard to find face mask connector at shops or malls.  Perhaps I don’t go out that much and find any that I fancy.  One of my seniors gave me the face mask connector that she made using an elastic and buttons.  But it is too big for me.  I cannot use it for myself.  I keep it in my bag with extra unused face mask just in case somebody might need it.

It has been a while since my last upcycling project.  As I look at left-over fabrics that I have from my last projects, I find some that I can use to make as a  face mask connector.

Here are some of the face mask connectors.

I don’t have enough button. So, I use brooch instead. The buttons that I used here were taken from my old PJs. I cannot use the old PJs fabric, so I just take the buttons.

COVID-19: Spring clean and upcycling project

This fabric was from the orientation week baju kurung of UUM circa 1994.  Yup.  Not mine though.  It was from my sister’s baju kurung.  She upcycled it long time ago into a pillow case.  But some parts of the fabric were torn.

When I was “cleaning” my late mom’s cupboard, I found this old pillow case.  She kept the torn pillow case and here I am turning it into another product: a pouch that can fit a passport.

It is a pouch

The batik fabric is Noor Arfah Batik. It is fully cotton. Unfortunately, there is no any left-over that I can use to make a face mask though.

Another pouch?

I was running out of zippers. But I know that I need to do something to relieve stress. It was raining yesterday and thus, it is nothing much can be done outside. So, I made a pouch. Yup. To put Pandan leaves inside my car. Since I cannot buy any potpourri due to MCO (well, I need to find alternatives now), I decided to make one using Pandan leaves. So, this is my new potpourri pandan hand-stitched pouch.

I found a fabric which belongs to my sis.  From her orientation week baju kurung from UUM.  It is more than 20 years old.  Classic!  I turned it into a pouch.

Hand-stitched face mask, anyone? Not for sale.

I was without internet connection (literally) for few days because the TM cable was stolen. This is the second time since MCO.
So, as I was left with few assignments that I had reviewed (but cannot return to students), examples of case study activities and a half-written article (I feel stressful of doing this because I would think about the materials that I left in my office at UTM) which can be done without internet connection, I started to experience “certain symptoms” that indicate that I am stress. Not a good thing. I need to take a break.
So, in line with Labour Day holiday, I took a chance to re-purpose some materials. Yes. Another left-over fabrics material.  A cloth face mask. It is so hype and trendy nowadays to have one with the lack of supply of face mask on the market. I left a gap so that I can put non-woven material in between. To make it 3-layers face mask.

There is a gap in between two cloth so I can insert a non-woven material in between

Running out of left-over fabrics: What are the alternatives?

My left over fabrics are running out.  I left with many irregular, out of shape fabrics.  Too small for a pouch.  So, I made scrunchies.  I look at the eldest grandniece who uses whatever scrunchy that she could find around the house.  I will put the picture here later on.  For now, I need to divert myself to relieve stress.  Things can be stressful at times.  Indeed.





I was feeling a bit tired from reading 100+ pages of a proposal yesterday. I need to take a break. As I put aside my notes, I noticed some of the left-over fabrics lying around nearby my laptop (I was too lazy to put it inside a container again after my little face mask project last week). I looked closely on the fabrics. It is too small to make a pouch but it is a bit long and I can make a belt. But who is wearing belt made out of cloth this day? So, while stroking my head to get some ideas, I got a light bulb moment. Aha… a scrunchy. The eldest grandniece likes to tie her hair but due to MCO, she does not have much choice rather than to use whatever hairband, scrunchies that she can find around the house.

Hand-sewn face mask

I still have the normal face mask.  But I am feeling a bit stress out off lately.  There are many things contribute to that.  Alhamdulillah I can still recognise some symptoms and thus, I know that I need to slow down a bit.  So, I divert myself from my work for few hours to do this little project.  I googled and found some tips and instructions that I can follow.

Here are some of the materials: – Left over fabric – Scissor – Ruler – Needle – Stretchable thing (I don’t know what it is called)

In the making

Finally, it finished. The final product

School holidays activities

Two of the grandkids were in town last week.  Since their Embah was busy with other things, I took a leave to entertain them.  So, I sent them for horse back riding session at Equine Park, UTM.

She went first. She asked me if I want to ride the horse too. Nope. No, thank you

He went second. He looked anxious but looking at his sister who rode the horse safely, he was less hesitant to ride the horse.

Other than horse riding session, I want them to have a hands-on activity.  Mind you.  These two kids know how to play online games (I don’t even know how to play online games and I am older than them).  Their Embah was not around.  So, to keep them occupied, we baked brownie cookies.  The recipe is HERE.   But I improvised a bit by adding dark chocolate and left-over Whittard hot chocolate.  I used some nearly expired stuff.  Alhamdulillah it turned out ok

He tasted his own cookies. The face tells everything

I managed to have 6 jars of these cookies. Different sizes though

This is not child labour.

Why do I post posters that I receive from UTM email?

Let’s face it. I am not getting any younger. There are times when I have the tendency to spring clean my email without thinking too much about whatever information I should take note of or concern about. Some of the information is presented in poster format. So, what I do is before I delete any of the email that I receive, I will “transfer” whatever information/posters that I consider as “worth” to be shared and remembered.

I know that some might feel “disturbed” to find irrelevant information from my post. My stance: Just ignore whatever information is not important to you. But I would like to thank you because you take the time to read my post. This is why I feel shocked when someone accidentally came across my post about the pouches. My first reaction is “Alamak, malunya ada orang baca“. But, when Assoc Prof Dr Nadiatulhuda emailed me asking to let her know if I would make a sewing session, I was starting to think that perhaps I should have a support group to unwind doing common thing. It does make me to question myself “Am I a loner?” Indeed. I don’t change much over the years apparently.