The 2nd International Action Research Competition (i-ARC) 2022/2023: Should I?

I was devastated when the article that I sent to a highly recognized journal in August was rejected. So, I changed the article a bit and sent it to another local journal publisher. But I have not hear anything from them yet until now. I got a response from the former journal within two weeks but it is nearly two months since I heard anything from the latter. *sigh*

One of my friends suggested that perhaps I should consider i-ARC 2023 and get some feedbacks that I can use to improve my research. Perhaps the problems lie in the way I conducted the action research. Reading action research textbooks makes me realize that there are many models. Some are highly theoretical and others are more practical. May be there are things that I overlook while conducting action research in my class. If this is the case, I need to get feedbacks. One of the ways that I can think of getting feedback is through sending my article about the action research that I conducted in my class to be evaluated by others.

It took me a few hours to shorten the article which I originally had planned to submit to a refutable Action Research journal. Well, I admit that I recycled some ideas from the rejected article. It is a normal process to edit, adjust and recycle ideas from different article. Is it plagiarism? It is from me as the author. It is my work and the data was collected by me over more than 4 semesters (until Session 2021/2022). But, for i-ARC2023, I only used data that I collected last semester (Semester 2, Session 2022/2023). Why? The data that I collected from Session 2019/2020 until 2021/2022 has already been used for another article. Also, I think I need to make sure that I would not overpublish my data. I have seen some had done it before but personally, I try to avoid this practice.

What and how to upload for e content – 2023?

  1. Log in to UTMPORTAL
  2. On your left side, click ACADEMIC tab so you can scroll down and select T&L Delivery and Resources
  3. Click T&L Delivery and Resources (it is in the middle, in between Home and Measure of Student Learning).
  4. You will see several boxes: Blended learning, ODL, OBE, NALI & HIEPS, E-content.
  5. Click E-content
  6. On your right side (there is an icon with + button Add New). Click the Add New icon
  7. Fill in the information needed such as Project name (I normally add the Course Title) etc. To be on a safe side, make sure you have a variety of materials which you can put in different categories. We can only add ONE material in ONE category.
  8. Click the Submit button if you are ready to be evaluated. Please double check if you have submitted the materials. It should not be in draft mode (will not be evaluated)

Note: ALWAYS make sure the date start develop and date end develop is for the current year. DO NOT put the date start develop as previous year e.g. 2022, 2021 etc. even though you develop the materials on that particular year and only use the materials in the current year i.e. 2023.

Examples of materials (Make sure the materials can be accessible or set it into PUBLIC MODE):

  1. Video based learning = YouTube video or any other video that you create such as using Genially etc. (make sure you allow students to write their comments to get 2 marks) = video based learning category. For videos that I created in Genially, it does not have a feature which students can add their comments, or ask questions which I or other students can answer, so, the marks that I got is 1 mark.
  2. Gamification = Quizzes or tests in Kahoot! or Quizziz etc. with more than five questions. 5 questions is the minimum. So, better make it more than five. PLEASE make sure you create the questions. For Quizziz, you can take questions from existing sets which are created by other users, but PLEASE at least add your own questions. In my case, what I do is I would browse at existing questions and if it is relevant, I will add it in the set of quiz that I am creating. But at the same time, I will revise some wordings (change the verb), add answer explanation and add other questions that I create myself. So, let’s say there are 10 questions, half of it will be from me and another half will be from other users. For add explanation feature, it allows your students to read explanation about the correct answer, if they answer wrongly. So, without your physical presence, your students can still learn from the predetermined explanation. This is an example of a set (quiz) that I make it public which contains feedback that students can refer to (only available to some questions though).
  3. Collaborative tools = Padlet, Wakelet etc. which contains 80% of your notes/materials and 20% of activities (e.g. questions that students can answer and discuss).
  4. Communicative tools = Prezi, Quizziz (interactive slide mode) etc.

How many marks that we can get if let’s say we submit one materials based on the above categories?

  • Based on my personal experience, the marks are varied. For example, I got 1 mark for a YouTube video (which allow students to leave their comments etc.) but I got 2 marks of a similar video in another year.
  • For Prezi note, last year (2022) I got 2 marks but the previous year (2021), I got 1 mark. What is the difference? The evaluator’s evaluation. The rubric is the same. The evaluators are different. In both sets, I added questions in the notes which students can reflect and interact but only the 2022 version has better marks.
  • For gamification, I also got different marks of similar materials. For this material with Dungeon and Dragons theme, I got 1 mark (year 2021). But for this material (last year 2022), it was not approve. It is not considered as gamification but interactive content (which category is that? If you ask me, there is no INTERACTIVE CONTENT category in the e content. It is one of the criteria of assessment as stated in the rubric). Genially is an apps like Canva in which you can create video, gamification content, poster etc. It has many features that you can select and use to create variety of INTERACTIVE CONTENT. I am still learning about the features in Genially. It is trial and error as I do not attend any formal training except watching countless hours of YouTube videos that people create about Genially.


  • If you are pair/team teaching with your colleagues and your colleagues do not subscribe to any platform such as Quizziz, Prezi, Padlet etc. (which can be costly), you can negotiate with them to use their class notes or materials and you create new digital materials using the platforms that you have subscribed. I do this with some of my colleagues. PLEASE add their names too and MAKE their names VISIBLE because it might be semi-hidden in some of the features.
  • When you revise your class notes (pair/team teaching courses), please inform your colleagues and ask their opinion about the revised version. You can discuss with your colleagues the things that you can improve etc. and you can include that in your OBE report (CQI part). With proper documentation, you can even write an article to share your teaching practices in journals like Action Research Journal, Action Learning: Research and Practice etc.

FAQs (That I have asked Dr Nihra and others have asked me before which I asked Dr Nihra about it for confirmation)

  • Question 1: Can we claim a content which we created in 2020 but we never claimed it before as ELPPT evaluation and we still use the content in the current semester?

Answer 1: YES. You can upload the material in the E content for this year (2023) ELPPT evaluation. Make sure you put the start develop date and end develop date THIS YEAR. I made a mistake in 2020 when I put the start develop data in 2019 and the end develop data in 2020 because I developed the material during semester 2 which started in September 2019 and ended in January 2020. The material was not approved. But since it contained evidence of students’ interaction of asynchronous discussion which happened during the semester which ended in January 2020, I claimed the material for my 2020 ELPPT evaluation. It was approved and I got marks for that.

  • Question 2: Can I claim videos that my students created? It is a part of the assignments that I gave them.

Answer 2: NOPE. ANY material have to be created by you (or created together with another colleague who is the instructor of a course that you are paired with in either team or pair teaching). You need to make sure that you COLLABORATE with your colleagues to create, update and refine the materials.

  • Question 3: Can I upload the WebEx recording on YouTube and considered is an e content material?

Answer 3: You can record a video using WebEx and upload it on YouTube BUT NOT THE ACTUAL class session with your students that you recorded (in this case, the video will be more than 1 hour long). OR if you know how to edit the video and cut it into several parts, just try out your luck then! I am not the evaluator (*tongue in cheek remark!)

  • Question 4: Can I upload more than one material of the same category?

Answer 4: As of 2021 evaluation until now, we cannot upload MORE THAN ONE material of the same category. For example, if I have more than one set of test/quiz on QUIZZIZ or Kahoot!, I cannot submit more than one set (Gamification material).

E content 2023

The experiment that I conducted last year with regards to how the e content evaluators evaluate my e content materials, I put in a content under the category “collaboration tools.” using Wakelet. It has a lot of things, like a class note, an article, a formative assessment, a discussion platform, etc. All of it is on ONE platform (i.e. Wakelet), which brings together different materials from other places. With just ONE platform, students can get to their class notes, take quizzes, and even talk to each other. So, what were the marks that I got for this? I got 3 marks.

But, for gamification material, it was not approved. The comment from the evaluator was “Intercative content (sic)”. Since it was not approved, there were no marks for this. I submitted similar material using Genially in 2021 but for different topic, I got 1 marks. The inconsistency of evaluation is not my fault. The similar material using the same platform does not necessarily will be evaluated the same. Did I submit the same thing more than once? Nope. I have double checked it.

The material also can be rejected or not approved if you put the start date develop as 2022, not 2023. For example, if you are teaching the course in semester 1 2022/23 which started last year in October 2022 and ended this year in February 2023, DO NOT PUT the start date develop as 2 October 2022 and the end date develop this year even though IT IS THE FACT that you develop and use the material on that particular semester. ALWAYS put the start and end date develop of the same year regardless of the semester that you teach.

So, for those who feel sad that they do not get the marks for their e content as they expect, do not worry. It is not your fault. It does not mean that your teaching materials are not good. It is just that the evaluators might overlook some parts.

Note to the evaluators: Can you please give more constructive comments for rejection (not approved)? Thank you.

Penilaian baru ELPPT 2023

Terdapat perubahan bagi penilaian prestasi Staf Akademik (LPPT) tahun 2023 dalam beberapa aspek seperti pindaan Kaedah Penilaian Kualiti Pengajaran di bawah Komponen Pengajaran bagi menggantikan penggunaan Teaching Excellent System (TES) yang dimansuhkan. Bagi komponen Bonus, ianya dimansuhkan dan komponen CPD diwujudkan.

Oleh yang demikian, wajaran terkini LPPT mengikut pilihan Major LPPT adalah seperti berikut:

Nota: Bagi maklumat lanjut berkaitan perubahan ini boleh disemak melalui Slaid Penambahbaikan LPPT 2023. Maklumat Penambahbaikan LPPT juga terdapat di laman web Jabatan Pendaftar. 

UTM Blended Learning Reporting System 2023

Blended Learning UTM report can be accessed from the following link


Userid : email utm (i.e. nihra@utm,my)

Password: staff number (unless you change it)

The steps are similar to the previous blended learning.

  1. Log in by using your email and staff number
  2. You will see the list of courses and blended learning level. Only level 5 will have the + button (blue color) activated where you can download your certificate. (Click the + button to see the button where you can download your certificate)

Note: Do not use this URL link (this is for last year 2022 Blended Learning)