How to claim dental and spectacles (as in 2023)?

Here are the steps to make your claim if you (or your dependents such as children) receive dental treatment such as scaling.

  1. Log in to MyUTM portal
  2. Under Working at UTM section, scroll down and select “Dental and spectacles”.

3. Click Welfare and Services, then select Application -> Select Dental -> Select Application for Dental.

4. Fill in the details such as Clinic name and date of treatment. Save.

5. Add attachment of the scanned original receipt.

6. Click Treatment. Select the treatment or service that rendered to you in the Detail Treatment.

7. Add attachment accordingly.

Note: Make sure you print out the Borang Rawatan Pergigian. Fill in the form as necessary. To save you from doing to the dental clinic twice, before you get the treatment, print the form and bring it with you when you get the treatment. The form requires the signature of the dentist with official stamp.

MyAIMS: Where can I find it?

  1.  Log in to UTMPORTAL
  2. On your left hand side, click Working at UTM 
  3. Scroll down under Working at UTM option and choose MyAIMS.  
  4. To key in marks, choose Examination matters.  Click -> Mark record.
  5. To get EPPPK report, choose EPPPK.  Click -> Report.  


EPPP digunakan dengan menilai persepsi pelajar terhadap pengajaran pensyarah di akhir semester sejak 2009. Berdasarkan maklumbalas yang diterima, EPPP telah diubah dan ditambahbaik dari segi rubrik penilaian.  Mulai tahun 2023, EPPP ditukar kepada EPPPK (Penilaian Pengajaran dan Pengalaman Pelajar) dan soal selidik akhir kursus atau dikenali sebagai End of course survey akan menggunakan satu capaian yang sama bagi tujuan penilaian.  Pelajar tidak lagi perlu ke dua laman web berbeza untuk mengisi respons mereka.  

Satu sesi taklimat bagi pelajar akan diadakan oleh CDEX sebelum akhir semester ini di mana pelajar akan mengetahui EPPPK yang baru ini.  Bagi kursus sarjana muda, penggunaan AIMS akan dimansuhkan dan akan diganti dengan MyAIMS di mana pensyarah boleh memasukkan markah peperiksaan kursus sarjana muda di MyAIMS, bukan AIMS.  Tetapi buat masa ini, AIMS masih lagi boleh digunakan buat sementara waktu bagi tujuan memasukkan markah.    Bagi kursus sarjana, penggunaan GSMS masih lagi diteruskan bagi tujuan memasukkan markah (tiada perbezaan).  

Untuk maklumat lanjut, boleh rujuk slaid yang diberikan dan juga rakaman WebEx.

Nota: Sebarang pertanyaan boleh diajukan kepada pihak CDEX atau Profesor Madya Dr. Mohd Nihra Haruzuan bin Mohamad Said.  Maklumat yang dinyatakan di sini adalah rumusan dari sesi taklimat yang diadakan pada Isnin, 15 Mei 2023 (pukul 10 pagi).  

TES dimansuhkan berkuatkuasa mulai tahun 2023

Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pengurusan Universiti Bil. 6/2023 bertarikh 21 Mac 2023 telah bersetuju agar komponen penilaian bagi sistem LPPT dilihat semula dengan mengambil kira keperluan semasa dan penilaian berasaskan kompetensi staf. Sehubungan dengan itu, berkuat kuasa mulai tahun 2023,penggunaan sistem penilaian kualiti pengajaran iaitu Teaching Excellent System adalah dimansuhkan.


Good Clinical Practice results

Since I took the exam on 8 March 2023 (Wednesday), so until 30 March 2023 (Thursday), I awaited the results with bated breath. Every time a new WhatsApp message appeared, I attempted to avoid reading it. Finally, the day arrived when they announced the results.  But we would get the results through email.  I tried not to think too much about it.  I kept myself busy.  But on 30 March 2023 around 9pm, I received the email.  

Alhamdulillah.  Out of 15 candidates, only 7 passed the examination. I asked my sponsored friend if she passed.  She passed the exam after taking it twice. Me?  Let’s say it was worthwhile for me to take the exam.  Will I retake the examination in another five years?  Well, let’s wait and see.  In sha Allah I will retake it again IF it is needed for whatever reasons.  

Good Clinical Practice

A friend inquired whether I was interested in attending a three-day course on Good Clinical Practice. The costs of RM1100 are a tad pricey, however. In addition, a certification examination would be administered on the third day. 40 multiple choice questions. To obtain the certificate, we must earn at least 32/40 points. Yup. There can be no more than eight errors, which is equivalent to 80%. Tough? You bet.

My friend gave me a copy of the book which I can use so I could start studying earlier before the course.  But, between the exam, grading assignments since early February 2023, and other things, it was difficult to find time to study. I determined to study the book from cover to cover no matter what. So, I arrived slightly early for the next couple of weeks in order to study for at least an hour or two. While invigilating examinations, I diligently attempted to finish reading and studying the book. But, reading a book containing legal words is difficult.   So, I decided to create notes for myself using concept-map format.   I do not now how it would help me to improve my memory but I need to do something.  Knowing how ________ my hand-writing is,  I need to have something that I can read with ease.

The exam on Wednesday at 1130am lasted only one hour and consisted of forty questions. Time passes quickly? Indeed. I had limited time to double-check the entirety of the questions. I just reviewed the OMR form and ensured that I had answered all questions. “At least, I answered all of the questions” I said to myself. That was my determination. After the exam, I could hardly recall the questions I had answered. When some of us were discussing the questions, I did my best to recall them, but it felt like a dream. I have no memory of answering the questions.

Now, the only thing I can do is pray that I would pass the exams the first time around. That’s my hope.


Al-Fatihah to Prof Mohd. Kamal bin Hassan

It took me a while to compose myself after hearing the news on Thursday morning, 23 February 2023.  Hours turn into days and days turn into weeks for me to recollect my memories about him.  I learn the phrase “Paradigm shift” back in 1998 during the orientation week.  Paradigm shift is a big word for me.  What is that?  In Malay, it is translated as Anjakan Paradigma.

As I took several classes related to philosophy, I understand more about the meaning of paradigm shift.  But being me when I first heard the word, I was mesmerised with the guy who uttered it, Prof Kamal.  A tall, lanky guy in his 50s, he looked so regal and scholarly.  Coming from a non-academic family, for me to meet someone like him is almost a miracle (with the Blessing of Allah).   Learning something from him in one hour seems so brief.  I started to search more about his work.  Reading a short article by him that I found in the IIUM library left me speechless.  I started to ask myself, “Can I be like him aka as a thinker?”, “How can I be like him who seems to be wise in philosophical way?”, “Can I write like him?”.   

Reflecting on myself who is not him and not having a brain like him makes me think further by asking myself “What can I do for the benefits of the ummah?” Ironically, the question was among the things that he mentioned in his talk.  If John F Kennedy once said ““Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.””, Prof Kamal once posed the question (might not be his exact word, but just the gist), “What can we do for the sake of Allah to contribute for benefits of the ummah?“.  The concept of ‘Abd, being a Muslim might seem alien to a younger me but it is not easy to be internalized and actualized by the older me.

I had a few more opportunities to learn from him while studying at undergraduate level during talks (not a formal course).  One of the last moments was during an Ibadah camp at Templar Park in 2002.   It was a long day and his talk was at night.  He smiled warmly as he stepped into the hall where we had been waiting, seeing our exhausted faces. He wore a batik shirt with white pants. I was seated a little further back from the front of the stage, where he was standing. But even from a distance, I could see him clearly. His aura glowed brightly than the dimly lit hall.  

As far as I could remember, he exudes the aura of cool, calm and collected. On the basis of our initial encounter, no one has ever struck me as a scholar. In my opinion, he embodied the scholarly spirit as of the late Prof. Malik Badri and Cikgu Sidek Baba, and Prof Kamal’s behaviour reflected that.  

Prof Kamal, it is an honor to meet you in person when I worked as an Assistant Director of a newly established unit at IIUM back in 2004.  Even though our time together was brief, you provided me with models of scholarly behaviour that I find difficult to imitate.   Al-Fatihah to you.  May Allah grant you Jannah. 


Teacher, I want to be like you

Cringe. That is the word to describe my feeling when I heard someone said “Teacher, I want to be like you” to me. I looked at her in (half) disbelief. “Kenapa Teacher tengok saya macam tu? [Translation: Why are you looking at me like that? ” I was speechless. To be honest, I do not want anyone to be like me. I know that perhaps this student perceives me as a role model. I am not a good role model. I am completely aware of this.

Being a teenager can be challenging, especially you are in a transition period between childhood and adulthood. I was a teenager in late 90s. So you can guess I am not young anymore. In a few years, I will be 50. The big five zero.

In my twenties and thirties, I had experienced more downs than ups. But, I had no regret. It is difficult to accept failures than successes. I am a human being. I have feelings but I learn from my mentors especially those who taught me psychology courses (you know who you are), that understanding oneself does not makes life easier. Learning psychology does not mean that I understand myself better than other people. It is far from that. But there are theories that I can refer to and reflect on when “things” happen. So, it is up to me to make sense of things that happen in myself. Nothing else matters.

Last tuition for SPM takers. 17 February 2023 (Friday)

CPD oh CPD…. 2023

During the pandemic my CPD was more than 100. The required points are 42 ONLY. What was I thinking by attending so many courses during the pandemic?! I can only blame myself on that part.

As far as I could remember, there were so many things that I need to learn and know ASAP because the changes that I need to do for my teaching and class. One of my colleagues asked me “Banyak betul kursus yang kau pergi? Tak bosan ke? Ada kursus yang sama kan macam Elearning tu. Kau pergi juga ke?” Well, the answer is I did attended so many courses which I think relevant and important for me and my students. Bored? Well, since I know how _________ (fill in the blank) my memory is, I need to make sure than whatever information that I need to know can be repeated again (repeated exposure etc.). Of course, I take note and write things here (only IF I have time for that).

So, one of my colleagues informed me that the registrar office actually has a calendar for courses/workshops that will be counted as CPD. My initial reaction to her was “Got calendar meh? I do not know about it.” I told her, all of these while, I just attended whatever courses that I think I need based on my personal evaluation of my personal needs. Very ego centric thought, right? Yes. According to Maslow’s self-actualization needs, one reaches to the realization of a person’s potential, self-fulfillment, seeking personal growth and peak experiences at the highest level of hierarchical needs. Indeed.

But here are some of the things that she shared.

  1. Go to this website to get the form (Excel)
  2. Open “Borang permohonan kursus“. Just fill in the information needed.
  3. One of the things that we need to fill in is the types of training/course/workshop that we want to attend. Go to this website to get more information about the training (it has dates and trainings so you can choose the one that you want to attend).
  4. If you already to register any training (please make sure you have go through the training calendar thoroughly), you can register HERE.

BUT, if you are comfortable with unstructured planning, like me (as my self-evaluation does not have any specific time and duration because it is continuous), so, you can attend any training or course accordingly (uhuk uhuk based on your own personal judgment and preference).