COVID-19: Program Kerohanian FSSH bagi Siri 9 [Kelebihan Masjid Al-Aqsa dan Bumi Sham]

Nota Program Kerohanian FSSH bagi Siri 9 :

  1. Sebutan lafaz perkataan (ayat) dalam Al-Quran perlu dizahirkan dengan lafaz yang betul.  Ikut lafaz stail Arab.  Tajwid kena perbetulkan.
  2. Surah Al- Isra’ ada 2 nama:
    • Al-Isra’ (perjalanan waktu malam yang dilakukan oleh Nabi Muhammad SAW dari Masjidil Haram ke Masjid al- Aqsa dan
    • Bani Israel (banyak tentang Bani Israel).
  3. Baitul Maqdis dan ayat “Wa ma haulahu” merujuk kepada Bumi Sham (4 negara moden: Syria, Jordan, Lubnan, Israel)
  4. Tempat yang diberkati bukan sekadar Masjidil Haram atau Masjid al- Aqsa, tetapi tempat disekeliling Masjid al-Aqsa.
  5. Masjid al – Aqsa adalah tempat yang istimewa kerana menjadi simbol kepada agama Islam, Kristian dan Yahudi.
As sham merujuk kepada 4 negara moden: Jordan, Lubnan, Syria dan Israel. Ianya termasuk dalam kategori tempat yang diberkati selain daripada Masjidil Haram, Masjidil Aqsa dan yang lain.
Antara kelebihan Masjid al Aqsa
Hadith kelebihan tentang Masjid al-Aqsa
Tembok tangisan (the wailing wall) dan gereja “The holy Sepulchre” yang bersempadan dengan Masjid al-Aqsa.

Social responsibility: We play our own part (small or big? It does not matter)

When I was young back in the 90s, one of my comic magazines is Ujang which was a big hit circa 1994.  But due to lack of financial budget, I never subscribed or bough the comic on monthly basis but rather borrowed from those who had it.  I am such a cheapo, right?  I admit that.  But I remember it well, somewhere in 1996, Ujang came to Pelangi Leisure Mall (I worked at MPH at that time while waiting for my SPM results).  I bought a bandana (I lost it now).

Somewhere in the late 90s, there was this controversy that somehow affected the comic badly.  But I remember well one of the cartoonists, Sireh (Lawak Student).  Well, I was a teenager at that time and somehow the cartoon characters and story line resonate with teenage life.  Years passed by and I am no longer a big fan of any comics (it does show how age is catching up).

But I vividly remember that what I like about Ujang (and the cartoon characters that the other cartoonists created) is the variety of social issues that happen in day to day life depicted in the story line of the characters.  It could be related to teenagers life, university students (young adult) or mak cik or pak cik at villages.   The social drama is translated into comical descriptions without losing the seriousness of social issues that is being highlighted and emphasized.   This can be exemplified by one of the cartoon strips by Sireh.  It is hard-breaking yet it depicts the real issue that we are facing right now.

This cartoon strip is by Sireh (Lawak Student). I came across this cartoon strip on my Facebook.  Somebody posted it in her Facebook.  I