FSSSH Free Meal and Free Market programme 2019

9 December 2019 (Monday).  It was the final day for our Free Meal and Free Market programme for this semester.  It has been 48 weeks since it was launched back in 2016 (errr, not officially launched though :D)  and around 5000 students were benefited with the free meal.  How time flies!

Harian Metro, 10 Disember 2019

But this time around, we ended it with a bang.  Yup.  The newly elected Dean, Prof Zaidatun Tasir invited the press to come and you can know more about our programme HERE.


A little effort goes a long way. Indeed

It was a brain-child by one of my colleagues, Assoc Prof Dr Fatin Aliah Phang few years back.  At that time, I didn’t involve too much in the activity.  Then it all started when we had an idea plus extra budget to give special meal due to Chinese New Year in 2018.  So, she asked me to make some preparation i.e. get enough Ang Pau packets (which I still have some left-overs) and buy oranges (which I change into Ferrero Rocher instead because there were on sales).

Image may contain: 3 people, including Hadijah Jaffri, people smiling
See the wide smiles on their faces! It really made our day.

Fast forward.  It is 2019.   Late 2019.   Some of the coupons are worn out.  But, I replace that with new ones.  While doing that, I found out that some of the students wrote some notes of Thank You.

Some of the things they wrote “Thanks for providing to someone in need.” “May Allah bless all always.” “Good job guys” “Thank you”, “Semoga Tuhan merahmati kalian” “Thank you. Next!” “Terima kasih”
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100 pax seems not enough. But, alhamdulillah, it seems enough for all.  We also have free market (free stationery booth)