Thank you, Prof. Datuk Ir. Dr. Wahid bin Omar

How time flies!  He was elected as the VC of UTM in 2013 – a year after I finished my PhD.  He was the third VC that I had since I started working at UTM.  Even though I never get the chance to know him personally, when the leaking pipe incident happened, he made a point to make sure that all units/department including my faculty would do something about the safety measure and management of the buildings at UTM.  Of course, there is certain lost that was incurred due to the incident and I have to bear with it but having a VC who cares really matters.

Thank you, Prof.  When I received the email from your officer, it really made my day.

Part 4_Citra Karisma (Anugerah Webometrics) 2020: Apalah yang dimerapukan?

When I submitted the application form, I need to write something about the blog.  Other nominees would write about themselves more than 50 words long.  Me?  I cringe with just the thought of writing something about myself.  Nay.  So I ended up writing “Laman web saya mengandungi kandungan yang serious dan juga santai seperti bukti pengajaran, strategi yang saya gunakan untuk mengawal tekanan dan sebagainya” [22 words].  There you go.  As you can see, the person in charge of this booklet screen captured one page from my webometrics and lo and behold, look at the title: “Anugerah Webometrics 2019: Should I?

If you look at previous recipients (2016, 2017, 2019), they wrote extensive narrative description about themselves.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But in my case, I chose not to write lengthy stuff about myself.

Few of my friends asked me “What was I thinking?” when I wrote that knowing that it will appear in the booklet for this year Citra Karisma.  Oh do I care!  That is my initial reaction.  Why should I be pretentious, right?  I am what I am and who I am cannot be defined with what I wrote, have written, write and will write in any piece of paper.  [This quote sounds familiar.  Oh no!  I sound more like my mentor, Yedullah Kazmi]

Part 3_Citra Karisma (Anugerah Webometrics) 2019: Tips untuk dikongsi

Ada orang tanya macam mana nak menang Anugerah Teknologi Maklumat (Webometrics).  Macam mana nak menang? (I rolled my eyes when I saw the question popping up on Whatsapp) Saya teringat tips yang saya dapat dari rakan-rakan (dua dari mereka merupakan pemenang anugerah ini juga bagi tahun 2016 dan 2017)

1) Niat menulis untuk berkongsi maklumat dan pengalaman. Sharing is caring. Contoh: Ada rakan yang mungkin tak dapat hadir ke bengkel yang kita dapat hadiri. Bagaimana nak berkongsi pengetahuan atau maklumat terkini yang kita perolehi dari bengkel yang mungkin berguna kepada orang lain juga? – zaman sebelum ada Webex. Ini adalah soalan yang diutarakan oleh Dr Norah (Pemenang Anugerah Webometrik 2016) kepada saya untuk saya fikirkan apabila menulis di Alhamdulillah saya juga boleh lihat kembali (ingatkan diri saya) tentang perkara atau proses yang setahun sekali sahaja perlu diisi seperti TESDCP. Saya dapat lihat pertambahan elemen yang diperlukan bagi tahun ni berbanding tahun lepas berdasarkan penulisan tentang TESDCP pada tahun lepas.

2) Guna webometrics sebagai cara mendokumentasi pengajaran. Bukan untuk menunjuk-nunjuk tetapi sebagai ingatan kepada diri sendiri tentang aspek pengajaran yang boleh diperbaiki. Ini adalah tips yang saya perolehi dari Dr Asmawi (SKA) (Pemenang Anugerah Webometrik 2017).  Dalam hal ini, webometrik boleh digunakan sebagai E-content (bawah kategori blog). Webometrik Dr Asmawi amat tersusun dan padat.  Boleh dijadikan contoh sebagai rujukan.  Highly recommended! 

3) Untuk TESDCP, salah satu elemen yang perlu diisi adalah Falsafah Pengajaran.  Dengan kekangan karakter (4000 characters), Dr Nihra ada menyarankan saya “Kalau nak tulis panjang lebar, letak la kat kau punya webometrik.  Kat TESDCP ni nak yang ringkas dan padat je.  Letak URL link webo kat TESDCP tu.”  Saya mengikut saranan beliau sejak tahun lepas ketika mengisi TESDCP saya bagi tahun 2019 dan 2020 (tahun ini).

Part 2_Citra Karisma (Anugerah Webometrics) 2019: I feel cringe

After I replied the email to confirm my attendance as one of the finalists, I didn’t think too much about it.  I started to feel cringe.  So,  only few people know that I would attend the event.  Some even teased me that I would have a sleepless night before the event.

I know some might be perplexed why I cringe to attend such event.  If you can see the picture that they took, my face shows how I feel at that moment.

Friends from the school where I did my Latihan Ikhtisas even know about it.  One of the teachers has a husband who works at UTM.  He gave her the link.  They watched the event at school from FB live.  Eh since when Citra Karisma becomes my school’s event?  I rest my case.  So, how can I not cringe when I got such messages from my friends and students?

Part 1_Citra Karisma (Anugerah Webometrics) 2019: The food is delicious

When I first got the email from the organiser to confirm my attendance to the event, I wanted to decline without any specific concrete reason except “I feel cringe”.  Yup. I don’t like to be in the spotlight.  I know some are looking forward and even create opportunity to be in the spotlight.  Nope.  That is not me.

I revel in being nobody.  Yup.  I am so used of being nobody since childhood.  I was not the straight As student (academically outstanding) nor athletics.  Nope.  None of it.  But I asked one of my seniors that I am close with to get some opinions whether I should go to the event.  She said “Dijah, you need to go or ________________ (fill in the blank)”.  The way she said is like I will be doom to reject such invitation.  It is akin to decline the invitation from Don Corleone (if anyone is wondering who is Don Corleone, as a start, you can find more information HERE).   Seriously?  I never thought that we have Don Corleone at UTM.

I asked another senior.  Her reply “Pergi je la.  Bukan senang nak jumpa Datuk NC.  Nak naik pangkat kena la tonjol muka biar orang pentadbiran universiti kenal” .  Errr…. Meeting Datuk NC and making myself known by the important people is the last thing that I have in my mind.  Nope.

I was not convinced.  So I asked few seniors more including Norah.  Norah said “Dijah, rugi tak pergi.  Makan sedap.  Bukan senang nak dapat UTM belanja makan sedap”  Makan sedap?  It sparks my curiosity:  “What kind of food they will serve us?”.    Yup.  I made my decision based on food.  So shallow, right?



Anugerah Webometrics 2019: Should I?

How time flies!   Like what Norah said last year, I should try to participate in this competition this year.  Nay!  That is my initial thought.  But, I started to think otherwise.  What am I going to lose, right?  A senior also urges me to participate in this competition this year.   Not only that, there were others who also gave the same advice.  On top of that, we need candidates as representatives from the faculty.  At least, if I don’t win, the faculty has candidates for this year nomination and finalists.

Well, I guess, no harm in trying.