Case Study Report

I give my students case study report as an assignment.  Why?  I want them to be able to relate a case with relevant theories that they learn in class.  It is not an easy process.  But, I will continue giving this type of assignment.  It is not easy for me to craft a case as well, especially from my own experience.  

Personality Psychology_MPPE1353_Assignment Instructions

For my Personality Psychology class, I decide to use Case based learning approach.  So, I crafted a case based on my own experience and discussion (plus evaluation) of the case would be based on the short vignette that I wrote.  To the student who inspire me to use her case as a case in this class, I would like to thank you.  You have been a great help.  

Other than case based activity, I also give my students online quiz using elearning.  So, they can take the quiz anytime they want, when they are ready.  I set specific dateline though.  

Educational Psychology_SPPP1012_Assignment instructions

Somebody hijacked my assignment instruction that I gave to my students.  Without asking me for permission to use it in his class, he simply removes my name and replaces it with his name.  Plagiarism in academia?  It is quite rampant apparently.  Most of the time, people might think that they need to give credit on journals articles, but they might forget that they should also give credit to the person of any material that they use like course instruction.  What a heck, right!  You might think it is unimportant but to this junior, screw you!  

Why do I give my students concept-map notes as assignment?

One of the juniors asked me if concept-map note is suitable to be given as an assignment to assess students cognitive skills based on Bloom’s taxonomy.  Duh!  What’s the point of having a PhD if you can’t google up information about the effect of concept-map on students performance?  Research has been done and still will be done in the future on the effect of concept-map on students performance.  Don’t believe me?  Here is one of the articles I rest my case with this obnoxious junior.