Metatarsal Post-Op

What I did at home as post op care: Elevate my foot with pillows. Get some foot massage. Take pain medication as directed. Make follow up appointment with Dr Yoga almost every week.  At these visits, x-rays were taken, a new sterile … [Continue reading]

Nutrilite Supplements

Medical prescription dah bes dimakan. I am sooo tak sabar to get back on my feet, so order #amway supplements. Ada kwn rekomen #shaklee tapi x tau hati terbukak nk beli #nutrilite pulak. Ala mana2 supplements sama je....Asbab makan supplements ni … [Continue reading]

Menu for the sick

  Ikan haruan bakar pais org kedah sebut "bantot" dgn ayaq asam   Mediterranean rice with steak and tropical citrus salad. u … [Continue reading]

I am an alien

Metal plate and titanium screws implanted due to fractured and dislocated bones.   … [Continue reading]

Post Operative Care

At home, I spent most of my time on the wheelchair and used the crutches on off whenever I needed them. My feet swelled today, I dont know why. Could be post op effect . My toes were slightly numb. Took off the bandage for a while then put it … [Continue reading]

Post Op

            Alhamdulillah, thank you to many of my friends for all their well wishes. The operating procedure went smoothly. I was pushed to the operating theatre around 245pm. They kept taking blood and ecg tests fearing I might have heart … [Continue reading]

Human Markings

~This is where the surgery was going to be done at 3pm on 4th Jan~ bone fractured and dislocated ~ waiting for a physician to make his visit to check on my well-being after I complained about my blackout this morning and an ecg was done. Still on … [Continue reading]

Fractured Metatarsal of Last Toe

Yup. That's it. After multiple scans of my foot, Dr Yoga asked if I wanted a foot cast (which would recover in 6 months) or a surgery (which of course I presumed would heal faster). I was immediately warded and early at dawn the hospital took … [Continue reading]

An incidental disclosure

While I was walking down the stairs at C13, I tripped and fell. That was 2nd Jan. The blow was really hard that my foot swelled in just seconds. Husband said not to worry, just a slight impact from the fall. The problem was that I had difficulty … [Continue reading]

Last Day of Literature in ELT

Hope these kiddos gained some useful knowledge on how to teach literature when they go out for student training next semester!     … [Continue reading]

Short Story by Stuart Mead

Literature in ELT Click here for the story! The Knock at the Door by Stuart Mead … [Continue reading]

Teaching Drama

Literature in ELT Click here for notes on Teaching Drama in the ELT classroom … [Continue reading]

Powerpoint Notes on Short Stories

Literature in ELT Click here for notes on short stories … [Continue reading]


Are you looking for a holiday program for your children? Here is ONE for your child! … [Continue reading]