TrigoWheel is a good teaching aid to teach trigonometry especially for the beginner’s level. This model will attract the attention of the student because it is so interesting. The using of teaching aids in mathematics makes the teaching and learning more fun and interesting and also strengthens the understanding of the concepts trigonometry because students will learn from concrete level to abstract level. The student will have more interest with the trigonometry topics which is known as a very hard topics for students.  This tool will help the students have desire to learn deeper in the topic of the subject and make the learning more interesting and effective.
By putting all the respective triangle edge into the circle, this is how the TrigoWheel would look like. The center of the wheel will be filled with different angle θ according to the table. And the outer circle of the wheel can be spinned to choose which angle the students and teachers would like to use. The X and Y axis are also included for student to identify opposite, adjacent and hypotenuse for each triangle.