New UG students 20182019 session

New UG students register into UTM last Monday and this morning starting from 8:30 am they were briefed by the Dean of FS on UTM and the faculty itself followed by detailed explanation from PM DR Fadhilah Yusof on UG academic regulations. It was later followed by a brief meet up with their academic advisors (PA) before course registration. As there was a mix up in communication, only 3 of the PA were present from the Bioscience. We (plus Director of Bioscience and another PA who came later) ended up having to brief 2-4 batches of students from different PA. I think the students were tired and still blur on everything since it’s been only 2-3 days. Luckily the department will have another PA-students meet up next week. Lots of challenge for the PA and lecturers nowadays to handle the students from Gen Z. I would definitely try to inculcate the advise we get from attending the 1st year PA course the last week of August

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