Lectures for new sem

My lectures officially start today since Sunday was a holiday. Got an MMBT 1153 class 8-10 am followed by SMBB 4713 from 10 am – 12 pm. Luckily, today is the icebreaking session especially for MMBT class since there was only 9 students and the introduction to the course. For the 1st time, there was only 1 local student.

For SMBB class, we had a 40-minutes refresher, it was more for me to find out what they’ve learnt last sem since I’ll be teaching them the continuation of bioinformatics in genome and proteome.  We shall see how I survive next week when full lecture commences 🙂 & hopefully I could access SMBB course in e-learning soon; or the students wouldn’t be able to read the notes before class


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