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SMBB 4713 201920201 Chromatography Contest | ZAIDAH BINTI RAHMAT

SMBB 4713 201920201 Chromatography Contest

It was actually a group quiz but I prefer to call it a contest because the prize I offered to the winners is definitely very attractive ๐Ÿ™‚ & since there are 67 students (though 1 was absent), I had to have help from 2 PG students to conduct this contest. Thank you Heera & Akmal!

The students were divided into 13 groups of 5 members each (one group with 6 members) and they were to answer 10 questions in a given time.

Forgot to take pictures of them since it was quite wild just now especially during the count down. However, the difference this year is that I have them write their answers on a piece of stick-on-notes and paste it on the main paper; each question was on separate paper located around BK 3 & 4, manned by Heera & Akmal.

Afterwards, the answers were given & results counted. Congratulations to Group 2!; who tied in with group 4 but managed to answer the bonus question most correctly in the shortest amount of time. The prize is – 5 bonus marks for the overall assessment to be added in after final exam!!! Hope you guys enjoyed the sandwiches for your hard work ๐Ÿ™‚


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