What is Plasma Technology?

Plasma technology is easy on the physical principle with matter changing. This technology is based on a simple principle. It changed the situation when he was given a solid to a liquid, and the liquid into a gas. If more power is given to gas, ionized plasma in energy-rich countries, the fourth state of things.

Plasma was first found in year 1928 by Irving Langmuir . It’s not unusual; In fact, the opposite is true. More than 99% of people who can see the universe as plasma conditions. It can be seen in its natural form in the world such as flash or light as the plants in the Arctic and Antarctic, for example. During a solar eclipse, the plasma can be accepted as a bright circle of light (corona). When it increasing energy input, the state of matter changes from solid to liquid to gaseous. If additional energy is then fed into a gas by means of electrical discharge, the gas will turn into plasma.