2021 Day 243 Task – RAE OBE and SCL for Administrators Workshop


This workshop is for administrators who manage academic quality programs at the faculty and university levels and have undergone the OBE and SCL workshops.  The aim of this workshop is to provide a broad view of OBE and SCL, from the academic management angle so that participants can understand the need for meaningful implementation to develop quality graduates.  The philosophy OBE will be articulated as the basis for establishing academic quality, which leads to actions that must be strategized by academic administrators.  Boyer’s four types of Scholarship in higher education will be discussed as the basis in striving for excellence in academia, focusing on scholarship of teaching and learning.  Finally, participants will be guided to identify strategies for developing and supporting champions for initiating and sustaining academic change.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • explain the philosophy of OBE and the ABET’s standard requirements to implement OBE
  • discuss the role of administrators in implementing OBE based on the standard requirement
  • plan strategies to improve and maintain academic quality
  • identify meaningful actions to initiate and support academic change to transform engineering education
  • discuss effective actions to enhance the quality of teaching and learning
  • list strategies to support and develop champions among faculty members in engineering education

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