Day 297 Task – Introduction to Engineering 2nd Class

We are supposed to have a one hour class today, but since next week there is a public holiday, hence the one hour class from next week will be replaced in advance. Hence we have a 2 hour class today.

The 2 hour class is packed with the introduction on Cooperative Learning (CL) and student’s first group presentation – to introduce their team names, logo, regulation etc.

It was a fruitful energetic session. I have stayed online up to 2 hours and 35 minutes, extending my time for those who wanted to ask any questions etc.

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Day 296 Task – First Industrial Seminar and Profession (ISP) Week

Today is the first day for us to have the Industrial Seminar and Profession (ISP) session. In today's session, I briefly introduced ISP and share about the course. Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Khairiyah Mohd Yusof delivered a talk about how to be a … [Continue reading]

Day 295 Task – Resurrection of the GC in my lab

My masters and phd research were directly dealing with GC. It has been quite some time I have not really touch and played around with GC. When I received an aging Agilent 6890 GC from a senior colleague, my mission now is to repair, service and get … [Continue reading]

Day 294 Task – First Introduction to Engineering (ITE) Class

Today, the time finally came and we will be starting our fully online ITE class. Honestly we are very nervous to conduct this online class. Not because we are not capable of handling the class, but more on handling the technical aspects of the online … [Continue reading]

Day 293 Task – CEE Meeting with the Treasury of UTM

The Centre for Engineering Education had a meeting with UTM Treasury in view of the massive renovation building that UTM CEE is going to execute in the near future. The main concern of the Treasury is capability of CEE to pay back such a huge amount … [Continue reading]

Day 292 Task – Miscellaneous Journal Reviewing’s and Teaching Preparation

The Q3 Journal - BCREC The Q1 Journal - Energy Report It's Saturday today. There are tones of tasks that I need to do. I started the morning handling 2 journals that I need to review,  one from a Q1 journal and another one from a Q3 journal. Both … [Continue reading]

Day 291 Task – eLearning Set Up for All Courses I am Teaching This Coming Semester

This is definitely a must do this weekend. I must set up my eLearning because I believe students will be visiting and checking the eLearning for information regarding the class. I haven't yet done it but I will prepare the eLearning introduction part … [Continue reading]

Day 290 Task – Getting Ready for Next Week’s New Semester Class

The new semester will be kicking of next week. In the morning I checked my AIMS and also eLearning. I now know that I have 30 students in my SETK1523-05 Introduction to Engineering (ITE) and SETK1511-05 Industrial Seminar & Profession (ISP) … [Continue reading]

Day 289 Task – Exploring Discord for Teaching and Learning

The conventional teaching that we are used to apply could no longer be implemented due to the pandemic and academician in universities have no choice than to implement and be creative in implementing tools for online learning. One of the tools that … [Continue reading]

Day 288 Task – Virtual Meeting| IEEE TALE 2022

Today, beside continuing the 2nd Day of Part 3 OBE workshop with UNS, I would like to highlight the Virtual Meeting to discuss IEEE Tale 2022 project. I'm totally new to this and am not sure what to expect. Tale is if I am not mistaken a very grand … [Continue reading]