Day 263 Task – Preparing RCEE2020 Paper Presentation Video & CEE Video

The weekend break is supposed to be theoretically a rest day. But for many of the CEE fellow members, it is a day for “work marathon”. There are tonnes of work to be accomplished and we always have to deliver it. Imagine last week, on a beautiful Friday, I was also working. At the time this post was written, I have successfully completed preparing the video for paper presentation RCEE2020. but I am yet to complete other pending tasks, and the lists can be read below (i didn’t list down everything yet):

  • Read Chapter 7 of my phd student
  • Improve paper ICLCA2020 for CET publication
  • Prepare 2 minute CEE introductory video
  • Prepare End Report GUP grant
  • Submit the long pending review paper to a journal
  • Check the oil tank specifications
  • … and much more… I don’t want to release everything here… Some of it, let me keep it to myself.

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Day 262 Task – Site Visit for RCEE2020 Operation Room

Today in the morning all RCEE2020 committee visited the Computer Lab at School of Mechanical Engineering. This will be our place for running the RCEE2020 conference after the 1st place have been rejected. The lab seems to be very good, comfortable, … [Continue reading]

Day 261 Task – Hari Malaysia Off Day

Today is 16th September 2020, an important day for Malaysia. It's Hari Malaysia. My parents visited me and stayed one night since the day before. We went for breakfast and lunch together. Breakfast was just near the house but lunch was quite far away … [Continue reading]

Day 260 Task – OBE Assessment Online Workshop with UNS (Part 2)

Today is the second day of the Part 2 Workshop with UNS. The first workshop on OBE can be read here (1st day) and here (2nd day). This second workshop was held from 14-15 September 2020. I was involved as one of the facilitators. The speakers for … [Continue reading]

Day 259 Task – Urgent Consortium Night Meeting

Due to urgency to complete the Consortium proposal, we had a night meeting to discuss the alignment of the proposals between UTM, UPM and UTHM. Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” … [Continue reading]

Day 259b Task – Meeting my PSM and New PhD Student

Today is another super hectic day for me. From the early morning till after the office hours, I am fully occupied with numerous activities. But the one that I want to highlight today is my meeting with my new PhD student. He will be doing an … [Continue reading]

Day 258 Task – Research Methodology Book Project Meeting

The Faculty of Engineering has asked each schools under its umbrella to prepare and publish a research methodology book. For that purpose, we had a meeting which was held after lunch at Bilik Mesyuarat Fakulti N01 to discuss the matter and approach. … [Continue reading]

Day 257 Task – Oil Storage Tank Detail Design Search

This is part of the Mathwork Grant Project which is to create a real case problem to be completed by engineering students. I was assigned to search for oil storage tank detail design. From it, we will create / simulate a real process control problem … [Continue reading]

Day 256 Task – UTM CEE Webminar Again with Prof Johannes Stroble

It's an official off day for me, but early in the morning I have two major tasks to be accomplished. One is an online meeting on a Consortium Project which started at 8am. The meeting involved representatives from 3 universities: UTM, UPM and … [Continue reading]

Day 255 Task – Evaluator for IBD Industrial PhD Proposal

This is the first time I became an examiner or evaluator for PhD proposal for Institute Biotechnology Development (IBD). The PhD candidate, I have known before because I was one of his Master (MKKL) examiner too. The First stage was conducted online … [Continue reading]