2021 Day 175 Task – Corrected & Improved HTGYE Book Chapter

It’s a beautiful Friday and I published this post in the morning from the patio at my house. I worked on the correction for HTGYE Book chapter and I managed to make improvement for my Chapt – Chapter 7. I have submitted it to our Leader of the Author and I felt really great that I have completed my first task for the day. I hope the new addition of content I embed just now will be a good one and be useful for jobseekers out there.

Well, there are still plenty of tasks that I have listed for today. Among them are the ones listed below.

Other highlighted tasks of the day.

  • Check Paper ECM
  • Check paper MATR
  • SEEM Meeting (3-5pm)
  • Improve my CV
  • CEE Coffee Table Book
  • Edit Video

2021 Day 174 Task – SEEM Visibility and Networking Committee Meeting

Under The Society of Engineering Educators Malaysia (SEEM), I am the head of the Visibility and Networking Committee. We have not had a meeting yet and I just realized this morning that we need to present activities for our committee. Immediately I … [Continue reading]


As my name was listed in the official invitation, despite of my hectic schedule, I attended the above mentioned training (9am-1pm) that was conducted by Dr. Norah Md. Noor. Thanks UTMLead for the invitation. I learned quite a few interesting things … [Continue reading]

2021 Day 172 Task – Addressing the Challenges of Design Optimization for the A&D Industry Talk

Many things happened today. Some of it was stressful involving the conference that I lead, but Alhamdulillah I managed to absorb the pressure, stay composed and perhaps solve the problem with the help of many kind hearted people. Amazingly, I managed … [Continue reading]

2021 Day 171 Task – PhD Engineering Education is still Relevant

Of all the tasks that I have today, the sudden email from the deputy dean Academic of Engineering Faculty surprised me. It is because of the new consolidation program of the PhD program for Engineering Education specifically, and also other PhD and … [Continue reading]

2021 Day 170 Task – Edited and Submitted Extended Abstract to RCEE2021

I spent quite some time to integrate, edit and package the content provided by co-authors for our Extended Abstract that was just now submitted to RCEE2021. Alhamdulillah I managed to compressed the extended abstract into 2 pages, which was very … [Continue reading]

2021 Day 169 Task – Checked Noise Safety Paper

My main task today is to check and comment for improvement the draft of Noise Safety Paper. I really appreciate the effort by Shams and Eliya to work on the paper, as well as the main Master student, Ashyraf, who work on this project for 1 year 2 … [Continue reading]

2021 Day 168 Task – Code Book Development Consortium Meeting

Just after Subuh, I received a Whatsapp message about a meeting that will be held at 9am on a Friday which is our weekend break. The meeting was about discussions on document analysis and codebook development, which is for the High Consortium … [Continue reading]

2021 Day 167 Task – Theory of Change Presentation in SCEE RAE Weekly Presentation

As usual multiple tasks were conducted today. One of the main task for the day was to prepare slide presentation for our Weekly Task titled Theory of Change. This is part of our task in the Safety Champion in Engineering Education (SCEE) under the … [Continue reading]

2021 Day 166 Task – Micro-Credential Course Development Workshop

To be frank, there are 2 days back to back event that I wanted to participate since yesterday, which is OFIC2021 and also the Micro-Credential Course Development Workshop - both of which takes place whole day yesterday and today. I had to attend the … [Continue reading]