Day 338 Task – EER Research Methodology Class

Today I joined the Research Methodology Class Edu. PLPT6123. There were 2 students, but some of us, the Center for Engineering Education (CEE) Research Fellows joined in to support and give encouragement to the crowd.

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Day 338 Task – PhD VIVA for My 1st PhD Student

A NEW MILESTONE... Syukur Alhamdulillah akhirnya perjuangan pelajar PhD saya berakhir dengan jayanya, dan kini boleh bergelar Dr. Nur Nazlina Saimon. Perjuangan yang penuh cabaran, dugaan selama bergelar PhD student akhirnya selesai dan … [Continue reading]

Day 337 Task – CEE UTM Webminar with Prof Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent

To those of you who want to view it life or recorded can click the following link: At the same time, I am also witnessing 2 more talks, simultaneously. It's impossible, but I am focusing on one which is … [Continue reading]

Day 336 Task – Still eLPPT 7P Filling Up

The quest to complete the filling up of eLPPT continues. It is the continuity of the previous days as shown here in day 333 and here in day 334. I believed I managed to complete almost all inputs and information plus its evidence by midnight. … [Continue reading]

Day 335 Task – Green Screen It Is

Read all my “1 Official Task Per Day Record Challenge for 2020” —>  … [Continue reading]

Day 334 Task – Continuing Yesterday eLPPT Project

As mentioned yesterday, I continued to fill up this eLPPT online form that is to feed in all the evidences of our tasks throughout 2020. But to be honest, the task did not last long as I got bored after sometime facing and focusing on the filling … [Continue reading]

Day 333 Task – Filling up eLPPT for 2020

I just learned few days ago that the deadline for us to fill up details on our detail tasks, activities for 2020 is this coming 30th November. Usually it is not that early, for the previous years. Since this is urgent, I have to focus on this … [Continue reading]

Day 332 Task – Post Graduate Research Methodology for Engineering Education Research

Untuk makluman kelas PLPT6123 Research Methodology akan dijalankan pada hari Khamis ini 26/11/2020, bermula jam 9.00pagi hingga 11.30pagi. Sesiapa yang berkelapangan boleh join free version Zoom seperti link di bawah. Read all my “1 Official Task … [Continue reading]

Day 331 Task – Industrial Seminar and Profession Soft Skill Talk

Since we often have to give presentations at university, work or at conferences, presentation skills can be a key asset that will help you advance your career and give you a sterling reputation in your professional and personal circles. In this … [Continue reading]

Day 330 Task – Mock Viva for My First PhD Student

Today we had a Mock Viva session for my first PhD student, Nur Nazlina Saimon which was conducted at our house. The venue was decided because students are not allowed to enter UTM yet unless he or she has official written permission from UTM student … [Continue reading]