Research Grants

Research Projects (As Project Leader)  [2014-Now] Type Amount
Crg 44.2: Characterization And Qualitative Analysis Of Antioxidants In Freeze Concentrated Cucumber Juice/Extract CRG National 20,000.00
Development Sulfonated Sagu Pith Waste Catalyst For Esterification Of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate To Methyl Ester Tier 2 30,000.00
Esterification Of Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Via Microwave-Treated Modified D-(+) Glucose Heterogeneous Catalyst Tier 1 40,000.00
Reforming Of Carbon Dioxide For Syngas Production Over Modified Nanocatalyst G Flagship 25,000.00
Thermodynamic Study Of Catalytic Conversion Of Glycerol Steam Reforming To Olefins PAS 20,000.00
Development Of New Sustainable Acyl Acceptor For Biodiesel Production From Pfad Tier 1 79,559.27
TOTAL          214,559.27


Research Projects (As Team Member) Type Amount
Crg 44.4: Cost And Energy Consumption Analysis For The Progressive Freeze Concentration Of Cucumber Juice CRG National 20,000.00
Crg 44.3: Heat Transfer Analysis On The Progressive Freeze Concentration Of The Cucumber Juice For Correlations With Vital Process Condition CRG National 20,000.00
Crg 44.1: Parametric Study And Optimization Of The Progressive Freeze Concentration Of Cucumber Juice Using Probe Cryo-Concentrator CRG 40,000.00
Continuous Progressive Freeze Concentration System Prototype For Fruit Juice Concentration UTMPR 80,000.00
Crg 44.0: Progressive Freeze Concentration Of Cucumber Juice For Preservation Of Antioxidants CRG 100,000.00
Leaching And Kinetics Mechanism Of Zeolite Supported Cao Catalyst Derived From Agro Waste In Ultrasonic Assisted Transesterification Process UTMER 30,000.00
Carbon Cryogel As A Potential Absorbent For Removal Of Bisphenol A And Aspirin In Pharmaceutical Wastewater Tier 2 30,000.00
Synthesis And Characterization Of Solar-Activated Multi-Layered Titanium Carbide Nanomaterials For Renewable Hydrogen Production Tier 2 30,000.00
Exploratory Study On Empathy Development In Cpbl CR DTD 40,000.00
Mechanistic Study Of Ligand-Metal-Charge-Transfer Complex For Tio2 Doped Glucose Towards Enhancement Of Co2 Conversion To Methanol FRGS 96,000.00
Hir 3.4 : Data Driven Game Design For Learning & Assessment HIR 62,000.00
A New Synthesis Method For Carbon Cryogel Catalyst From Ionic Liquid And Furfural For Production Of Renewable Fuel Additive Tier 1 50,000.00
Novel Polymeric Photoactivated Nanomaterials For Co2 Photoreduction With Ch4 To Renewable Hydrocarbon Fuels LRGS 500,000.00
Problem-Based Learning For Low Carbon Society 2019 NG 37,208.00
Seminar Iskandar Puteri Towards Low Carbon Society NG 65,800.00
Removal Of Volatile Organic Compound (Voc) Using Palm Kernel Shell Activated Carbon-Ceria Supported Catalysts Tier 1 40,000.00
Development Of Sustainable Adsorbent For Purification Of Biodiesel From Palm Fatty Acid Distillate Tier 2 20,000.00
Characteristic And Mechanism Of Hybrid Polyethylenimine-Chicken Bone Adsorbent For Pharmaceutical Waste Treatment FRGS 109,000.00
Synthesis And Characterization Of Modified Al2o3 Hollow Fibers For Dry Reforming Of Methane In Dbd Plasma Reactor Tier 1 50,000.00
Conversion Of Carbon Dioxide To Solar Fuels Using Novel Nanostructured Continuous Photocatalytic Reactor SF 317,000.00
Identification Of Phytochemical Properties And Other Constituent Composition In Extraction Of Euodia Redleyi Hochr Leaf (Tenggek Burung) For Hypertension Remedy. Tier 1 50,000.00
Fischer-Tropsch Fuel Synthesis Production Using Zeolite Nanocatalyst G Flagship 25,000.00
Reversed Water-Gas-Shift Using Photocatalytic Reactor G Flagship 200,000.00
Process Optimization Of The Thermal Oxidative Properties Of Thin Layers Of Vegetable Oil Exposed To High Curing Temperatures OTR 60,000.00
A Study On Mass Diffusion And Concentrate Properties In Progressive Freeze Concentration Of Eurycoma Longifolia FRGS 68,000.00
Development Of Nanotechnology Of H2 Production From Glycerol OTR 74,500.00
Concentration Of Rosselle Juice Through Progressive Freeze Concentration Tier 1 200,000.00
Development Of New Catalytic Process Of Obtaining Olefin From Glycerol SF 211,400.00
Fractionation Of Refined Bleached And Deodorised Palm Oil (Rbdpo) Through Progressive Freeze Concentration Tier 2 20,000.00
Electrolytes And Volatile Component Preservation In Concentration Enhancement Of Coconut Water Through Progressive Freeze Concentration Tier 2 40,000.00
Novel Solar-Activated Plasmonic Carbon Nitride Heterostructures For Co2 Conversion And Renewable H2 Production FRGS 123,000.00
Freeze Treatment Of Leachate From Municipal Waste Tier 1 40,000.00
Desulfurization Of Biogas By Adsorption Using Zeolite Synthesis From Local Koalin Tier 1 46,000.00
Synthesis And Characterization Of Modified Znv2o4 Nanostructures For Solar Conversion Of Co2 To Fuels Tier 1 40,000.00
TOTAL 2,934,908