Engineering capability review raises safety concerns

The Article which was categorized under Risk and Safety section was written by Adam Duckett and published in The New Chemical Engineer Online portal on the 16th of March 2020.

FATALITIES and accidents at work are likely to increase, and a better understanding of engineering capacity and capability is needed for engineering to intervene, says a report from the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Global Engineering Capability Review, the first report from a new £15m (US$18.7m) partnership between RAEng and Lloyds Register, reviews the ability of 99 countries to conduct key engineering activities in a safe and innovative way. It notes that around 1,000 people die every day due to an accident at work, and that data from the International Labour Organization shows that fatal accidents are on the rise in many developing economies as more money is pumped into new infrastructure projects and upgrades.

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Ejen Viral memang awesome

Plastic Wastes from the West is Poisoning Our Neighbour Indonesia!

Indonesia has become a dumping ground for plastic from Australia, Europe and North America. The waste is burned as fuel by local communities, causing respiratory illness and other long-term health problems for people who inhale the polluted smoke. Research shows pollutants have contaminated Indonesia’s food chain. This situation must be stop urgently. As a neighbour to Indonesia, we must be extra alert before our country gets similar punishment. This is because Malaysia is also presently a trash dumping ground from other modern countries.

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Hari Akademia @ Academia Day

Academia Day or Hari Akademia kini di sambut pada 5 Oktober setiap tahun bermula tahun ini. Hari Akademia 5 Oktober  disambut bagi menghargai jasa pensyarah.

TAWAU – Menteri Pendidikan, Dr Maszlee Malik mengumumkan 5 Oktober setiap tahun sebagai Hari Akademia Malaysia bagi menghargai sumbangan dan pengorbanan para pensyarah negara ini.

Beliau berkata, sambutan yang merupakan ‘detik bersejarah’ itu akan bermula tahun ini.

“Kita ada Hari Guru sebagai tanda memperingati sumbangan para guru. Jadi, saya cadangan kita adakan satu hari sambutan untuk pensyarah-pensyarah universiti.

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Issue: Malaysia losing more tech talents to Singapore on better opportunities

LOCAL talents in the technology sectors are moving to Singapore for better opportunities especially for start-up companies, industry experts say.

Alsid technical director for Asia Pacific and Japan Kenneth Teo said the maturity of the tech industry in Singapore provides a fertile ground for startups to flourish.

“Both Malaysia and Singapore are attractive for new start-ups to establish their bases. However, I see a better business opportunity in Singapore because businesses are more willing to invest in new technology and government policies have made it easier for start-ups to thrive,” Teo told The Malaysian Reserve in a recent interview.

Teo added that from his experience, companies in Singapore are more willing in adopting new technology, while its neighbours usually adopt a ‘wait-and-see’ approach, thus hindering early progress for tech firms.

Although lower tax for companies in Singapore could be one of the reasons for the move, he does not think that it plays a significant part.

“I don’t think companies were drawn in to Singapore just because the tax is lower. It is good to have many benefits, but business competitiveness and maturity are more important.

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Kursus Persediaan Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for Low Carbon Education in Iskandar Malaysia Bil. 5/2019.

Nampaknya cikgu-cikgu yang terlibat kebanyakannya dah boleh mengendalikan PBL di sekolah masing-masing. Kita dari Center of Engineering Education (CEE), UTM bantu guide dan pantau sikit-sikit. Good jobs teachers. Alah bisa tegal biasa!

Trainers/Facilitators : Prof. Dr. Khairiyah Mohd Yusof, Dr. Syed Helmi, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatin Aliah Phang, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ts. Mohd Kamaruddin Abd Hamid& Zaki Yamani Zakaria.

Beban Tugas Staf Akademik

UTM has developed a tool / system called Beban Tugas Staf Akademik (BTAS) which can be accessed via portal. This tool is imperative in assessing the work load for an academician serving the university. Following is my BTAS score for 2017. At the moment, the system is showing the data for 2017. I hope in future, the system can be improved and show other years as well.


Mesyuarat AJK Surau (11 June 2019)

Setelah sebulan pesta ibadat berlangsung dalam bulan Ramadhan yang mulia, Tuan Pengerusi Surau telah memanggil kesemua AJK untuk bermesyuarat. Terdapat beberapa perkara penting yang perlu dibincangkan. Antara perbincangan malam ini:

– Keadaan kewangan surau
– Laporan survey online Ihya Ramadhan
– Perancangan dan pelaksanaan Marhaban
– Projek membetulkan bumbung surau
– Pelbagai perkara berbangkit – antaranya projek solar NEM

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan kami semua untuk melaksanakan segala tugasan ini. Sememangnya, ini lah antara saham akhirat yang kami harapkan. Ye Allah ikhlaskan lah hati kami dalam mengusahakan pengembangan syiar AgamaMu. Amin.

Chemical Engineering Online – New Web 2.0 in Town

Check out this new Chemical Engineering Online website ( This is one of my latest project. The progress is there, but a little bit slow due to my other tasks and responsibilities.

This website is intended to be more holistic, more sharing about chemical engineering from more professional experts. We have created a platform for others to contribute and share articles/views/ideas/knowledge etc and the contributors will have their own brief bio-box at the end of his/her own writing. The contributing author can place his/her URL website link and other social media link. This can further promote the authors and induce visibility to the world.

There are more features in this website which we will share an update later end of this month. Stay tune.

Monetary Contribution from Nur Syuhadah Mosque to Surau Al Taqwa

Alhamdulillah, Masjid Nur Syahudah, Kampung Kangkar Pulai invited Surau Al Taqwa to their mosque to receive monetary contribution as part of their social responsibility to help 3 surau’s around their vicinity. It is very generous and thoughtful that they have been contributing towards this good deed. It is indeed very though and difficult for the small surau’s to maintain a healthy financial status. It all depends on the generous donations by our jemaah and random donations from those who are concerned. For this simple ceremony, the representatives from Surau Al Taqwa were Pengerusi Surau (Azad Anugerah), Secretary (Salehuddin), Tresurer (Hj Samiin) and myself.

Mari Kita Raikan Para Graduan Dan Tetamu Sempena Majlis Konvokesyen Ke-62

Following are the speech from UTM Vice-Chancellor in conjunction of the 62nd UTM Convocation…

I hope that all of you are doing well and in good health.

As we all know, the 62nd Convocation Ceremony will take place on the 29thApril until 30th April 2019. As I have shared during the last convocation, to us (as staff) , the convocation is a routine ceremony happening twice a year. However, to the graduates and their families, the convocation ceremony is an occasion much awaited, which is a proud and meaningful moment to celebrate their success.

Therefore, in conjunction with this special event, I would urge the whole UTM community to celebrate this memorable occasion with the graduates and their families. We should appreciate this happy moment in celebration with students and their families. As we frequently mention, the whole campus eco-system is involved in nurturing the students.As such, I would like to invite everyone in UTM community at all levels to give the best to all our guests.

Let them feel our friendly culture. Let us pray that this UTM Convocation Ceremony will run smoothly with much joy and happiness. Lastly, I would like to express my utmost appreciation to everyone who are involved directly and indirectly in making this convocation and all other programmes taking place in conjunction with this convocation Ceremony a successful one.


Thank you.

Wahid Omar

UTM Vice-Chancellor