2021 Day 215 Task – CEE PG Student Marks Presentation to FE

This is the first time I attended such meeting as CEE representative. I was quite shocked to learn that there are 25 Postgraduate students under CEE. That’s a lot. I was also surprised to know that there are several supervisors for CEE PhD program that I don’t know. This means I need to learn more about this PhD and master program under CEE. Know all the activities under this CEE PG program and also know all the active supervisors.

Other highlighted task of the day:

  • Workshop CL – 2nd Day
  • Managed payment for ICLCA
  • Paper Raihan

2021 Day 214 Task – Designing and Supporting Team-Based Learning using Cooperative Learning

Today I’m involved in WORKSHOP ON 21ST CENTURY LEARNING FOR ENGAGING MILLENNIALS, PART 2, as one of the facilitator and stretch guy. This training is organized by UTMLead where the trainers are Prof. Dr. Khairiyah Mohd Yusof and AP Dr. Syed Ahmad Helmi.

Other Highlighted Tasks for today

  • Prepared a report for not performing FYP student and submitted it to the Head of Program.
  • Prepared a report for not performing PA students.

2021 Day 212 Task – Academic Advisee Student Mark Presentation

Very early today, I prepared for the presentation of my Penasihat Akademik students

2021 Day 208 Task – UTM Torch & TNCPI Meeting

2021 Day 207 Task – 2nd Day of Effective Implementation of SCL Workshop

2021 Day 203 Task – Southern Journal of Engineering Education Symposium

The South African Society for Engineering Education (SASEE) is pleased to announce their upcoming symposium celebrating the launch of the Southern Journal of Engineering Education.

The Southern Journal of Engineering Education (SJEE) is a scholarly forum for the publication of original research that is relevant to the international engineering education community. The journal is ‘southern’ in that it values critical perspectives on the unique challenges facing engineering education in South Africa and the Global South. The SJEE is an open-access publication that promotes the development of high-quality scholarship through a supportive peer-review process. (About www.sjee.org.za)

Host:  Brandon Collier-Reed, Past-President of SASEE

9:30Welcome by Keith Jacobs, President of SASEE
9:45Introductions by Bruce Kloot, Editor-in-Chief of SJEE
Guest speakers

10:00Prof Christine Winberg
SARChI Chair – Work Integrated Learning,
Cape Peninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Engineering educators’ teaching portfolios: reflections on a ‘high stakes’ practice in a professional learning system
10:45Prof Xiangyun Du
College of Education, Qatar University, Qatar

Pedagogical development for professional learning in Engineering Education – state of art and methodology
11:30Prof Jenni Case
Head – Dept Engineering Education, Virginia Tech, USA

Useful provocations: reflections on a programme of engineering education research
Prof Ellen Barbosa
Head – Lab de Computação Aplicada à Educação e Tecnologias Sociais Avançadas- CAEd, University of São Paulo, Brazil

A framework for experimental studies on the integration of software testing into programming education
Prof John Mitchell
Vice-Dean Education, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, University College London, UK

Evaluating Curriculum Development Activities


Messages of support from global organisations

Symposium Programme for Friday, 23 July 2021
All times in SAST GMT+2.

Other highlighted Tasks of the Day:

  • Completed review of Journal of Water Processing Engineering
  • Manage AJEE
  • Worked on ECE Paper Draft
  • Reviewed RCEE Extended Abstract

2021 Day 202 Task – Active and Cooperative Learning Workshop Preparation Meeting

We’ll be handling 2 more workshops in this coming weeks. The workshops are Active Learning Workshop @ 26-28 July for UNS and also Cooperative Learning Workshop @ 3-4 August.

2021 Day 201 Task – External Evaluation for Universiti Malaya Academic Staff

I received an email yesterday and was invited to be an external assessor for Cluster Assessor for 2021 Staff Performance Management system (SPMS) stakeholder.

2021 Day 200 Task – Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha & Long Discussion with Master Student

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha Maaf Zahir Batin. Today no official activity from the morning up to 4 pm. After 4pm it was a serious lengthy discussion with Riduan until 10pm plus.

2021 Day 197 Task – CEE Consortium Research Progress Meeting

It’s Saturday and today I woke up early to complete few pending tasks. But most importantly we have a CEE Consortium Research progress meeting at 9am to discuss how the code and cook book is progressing. I am honestly very new to this and I am still learning, even though we had numerous meetings on this such as here and here. I also felt confused and dizzy with all the deep level comprehension on this discussion. Chin was the key player, key researcher in this consortium project, also acting as the phd student for this research. I hope he too can fully understand all of this faster, because he is just like me, coming from engineering discipline and suddenly venturing into a new area.

But it is ok, I’ll keep on learning. All of this is indeed far from the technical chemical engineering cognitive that I was formally trained before.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Submitting MKKL Viva marks to Coordinator
  • Checked Thesis Absi
  • Checked Proposal Nazirul
  • Checked ECE Paper
  • Checked ECM Paper
  • To Review a Chapter for Unimap Book Chapter
  • HTGYE tasks