2022 Day 302 – 10th Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE2022)

After the opening ceremony of RCEE2022

VIVA MKKK program that took place very early today

Alhamdulillah, the 10th Regional Conference on Engineering Education (RCEE2022) was successfully completed and organized by Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) and Universitas Diponogoro (UNDIP) today. This is the first time RCEE was organized outside of Malaysia and organized by academic institution that is not the UTM Centre for Engineering Education (UTM CEE). 

I managed to deliver a welcome speech before the program started. At the same time, my team submitted 5 papers to be presented in RCEE2022. It was a great event and we hope that engineering education can grow and prosper in Indonesia, our very own region. 

More info has been published at my FB post here

Since RCEE2022 was organized in 1 whole day, most of my attention was focused on this conference.

Other of my highlighted activities:

  • Evaluated MKKK Chemical Engineering as panel at 8.15am @ N01 Viva Room 1
  • Submitted Radis Claim form for consumable purchased – Tan’s vials and rack.
  • Evaluated 2 projects for INDES competition organized by UiTM (after Isya). Amazing projects presented by UiTM researchers and I learned something new. 


2022 Day 301 – Attended Industrial Seminar & Profession Forum

The early part of today was normal. Early in the morning, I prepared for ITE class that will take place from 11am to 1pm. We covered about CPBL, did the mosquito case and Perform PR PI for the new released problem. I hope the students are comfortable and fine working on the new PR PI that is about micro plastic.

Later after lunch time, I make it a point to attend the industrial seminar and profession (ISP) forum at DK5 N11a. Three engineers were invited to be panel for the forum which is about engineering overview and touching a bit on engineering ethics. My friend, Mr. Amru was invited as one of the panel. I managed to get a sit at the very far top end in the hall. The talk was interesting and I learned a lot as well. I realized too that many students were not focusing on the forum, some played games in their mobile phone and some did other assignment. But I believe those who sat in the front focused on the panel.

Some of the details are shared in the FB post here.

Some highlighted tasks:

  • Purchased new gas sampling bag – Restek brand. 10 bags in a pack. 70% Downpayment.
  • Read MKKK Dissertation for Viva tomorrow.
  • Alert my team who are involved as presenters in RCEE2022 tomorrow. 


2022 Day 299 – 4-Day PBL Workshop – Facilitation Part

Today is the 3rd day of our 4-DAy PBL Workshop. It is a wonderful Saturday, which is an off day for us, but because we are all eager to learn, we attended the workshop with a smile. This is the 2nd part of the PBL workshop which is the Facilitation Part.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Follow up / prepare presentations for RCEE2022 this coming Tuesday.
  • Check / scrutiny the Lecturer’s Guide for ITE.
  • Check student’s Ethic Assignment.
  • Share example of PhD thesis to one of my PhD EE students.

2022 Day 298 – RCEE2022 Meeting and Dry Run #1




2022 Day 291 – Bengkel Perbincangan Bersama Output Kajian Projek Konsortium Kecermelangan Pendidikan (KPP) – Teaching & Learning 4Ir (TNL4IR)

As early as 5am in the morning (28th October 2022 – A Friday), we travelled to Dorsett Putrajaya to attend the above mentioned KKP workshop. This is the KPT project lead by UTM CEE together with UPM and UTHM team. We are towards the end of the project but there are still a lot to do. Luckily KPT granted a 6 months extension for this project, that is up to June 2023. InsyaAllah we’ll do our best to complete this project and contribute some useful information. 

2022 Day 178 – Training of Trainers (TOT) of Outcomed-Based Education (OBE) Day 2

Early today seems to be quote complicated with various CEE administrative issues, but I have to stay calm and organize everything. However life goes on and it needs to keep going.

At 8.45am, the TOT OBE training started. This is a 2-days OBE training (Day number 2) involving lecturers from UNDIP and UNS. UTM CEE Team lead by Head of Project, Prof. Khairiyah conducted the program. We hope that a good number of lecturers will be OBE champions in Indonesia.

2022 Day 98 Task – DEC4IR Meeting Between KPM and UTM

The proposal for Drone Edu Challenge presented in meeting with KPM
A part of the discussion of our research program

It’s another weekend and an official rest day, but as usual, there are several official works to do. In the morning today, I have 2 back to back meeting. The first is the Consortium Grant Discussion Meeting between UTM – UPM and UTHM which commenced at 8.30am.

Subsequently, I joined a new meeting – DEC4IR Meeting Between KPM and UTM that started at 10am. This meeting is to present about DRONE EDU CHALLENGE IR 4.0 TAHUN 2022. Center for Engineering Education (CEE) was invited by the Director of DRONE EDU CHALLENGE IR 4.0 program, Dr. Jaysuman to plan and conduct research on the Drone Edu Challenge.

CEE shall call for a meeting in the near future to discuss more on the strategic planning and discussion on how to conduct the research. The data collection is a very critical part in ensuring the success of the research, besides the analysis and discussion section.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Consortium Grant Discussion Meeting – 8.30am
  • Review Heliyon Journal
  • Review Frontier Journal
  • Class preparation
  • SPC’22 preparation

2022 Day 97 Task – UTM Torch Briefing to Participants

Part of the facilitators and members who joined the meeting
UTM TorCh Slide Briefing

One of the brilliant effort initiated by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia UTMLead is the TorCh program. This is a program to develop Champions in Teaching and Learning among academic staff. Teaching and Learning (T&L) is a very imperative towards the effectiveness delivery of not only knowledge but also values and numerous skills to our tertiary students.

More than 23 academic staffs from UTM Skudai and Kuala Lumpur were selected for the first round of TorCh training program. The training will commence in this month, April until September 2022. I have been selected to participate in the 1st round of UTM TorCh program. Ironically, I am also part of the TorCh Committee Members that discussed the design, implementation, and part of the module. Lets hope and pray that this honorable intention will yield massive benefit to the society and nation.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Discussed about journal replacement for IOP
  • Managed AJEE articles and reviewing processes
  • Followed up on First Stage Abdelrahim
  • Study SWOT
  • Discussion of PhD progress with Aziah, an Engineering Education Phd student that I co-supervised from UNIMAP
  • Discussion with Anis on Master Planning project.

2022 Day 88 Task – CEE Small Meeting & Some TEDxUTM actitivy

Video shooting for TEDxUTM speech

I’m quite happy today because there are no class to prepare or to conduct. I only have few meetings that need to be carried out. There are few important points discussed in the small meeting in terms of the activities for Centre for Engineering Education (CEE).

Besides the list of tasks stated below, there are still tonnes of tasks that I have not fulfilled yet. I hope I can do most of them today.

Other official tasks today include:

  • Video preparation for introductory Speech for TEDxUTM.
  • Resubmitted first stage proposal and application for my EE PhD Student
  • Followed up on all my Post Graduate Students on their progress.
  • Appointed Anis, my master student for GRA for next semester.
  • Long discussion with one of my FYP students – regarding his tasks and future plans.
  • Followed up with RMC on some of payments for research purposes.

2022 Day 87 Task – METE1153 Occupational Safety in Energy System 2nd Class

.Me and my 3 student’s location

Last week, only 1 student attended this class. Alhamdulillah this week, we have more students. But more is defined as 3 students. Yes, in record, I will have only 3 students for this class, 1 from China mainland and 2 from Malaysia. Interesting right?

The class I had just now was an introduction to Safety and Occupational Safety. It was very interesting having this 3 students. I began by asking them to show their exact location my using Padlet. I have subscribed to Padlet somewhere last year and it has proven super useful. Later in my lecturer, I introduced another Padlet to get the students to share their unique experiences associated to safety.

Here are the Padlet links:

  1. Show where you are
  2. Share your safety experiences

Other tasks of the day:

  • Handled Tan’s GRA appointment
  • Responded to Dr. Naniek with regard to RCEE2022
  • Completed and submitted my 5-page CV for METE ODL program