Website WordPress Training for UTM Staff

I was invited to deliver a training about Web People @ UTM to UTM Staff. It was a great privilege and opportunity for me. I was very delighted. The training is actually about website WordPress training.

Unfortunately, I did not manage to fully prepare the slide for this training earlier. Luckily I decided the training to be an interactive 2-way communication between me and the lovely participants, with me preparing just a simple Powerpoint presentation. In this website WordPress training, my focus was to expose the participants to SEO.  

My target for this training was to ensure that the participants learn something that they can apply and also they published one post that is SEO optimized. The participants were very excited and fired up. I can see it in their eyes. They immediately put it into practice by writing and publishing their own post. Thanks to the information obtained from the website WordPress training.

Here are some of the posts published by the participants:

  1. Website WordPress Training Result #1 – by Nabilah from PSZ
  2. Website WordPress Training Result #2 – by Izzam from PPMU
  3. Website WordPress Training Result #3 – by Suhailah from IFE
  4. Website WordPress Training Result #4 – by HoneyDean from UTM Digital


Invitation Letter As Trainer for Active Learning in Faculty of Engineering

Appointment as Speaker for 21st Century Learning for Engaging Millennials Workshop: Part 1 Active Learning


Alhamdulillah syukur kepada Allah atas 2 Anugerah Individu yang di peroleh dalam Majlis Anugerah Gemilang Fakulti Kejuruteraan 2019.

Tak sangka mendapat Anugerah Webometrik sebenarnya. Anugerah Pengajaran pula sebenarnya tak pernah terfikir langsung, tapi diberi kepercayaan penuh oleh Puan Direktor, Dr. Hajar Alias dan disokong oleh Chair School of Chemical and Energy Engineering. Turut memberi dorongan serta motivasi untuk Anugerah Pengajaran adalah PM Dr. Mohd Kamaruddin Abdul Hamid dan room-mate PM Dr. Mazura Jusoh. Tak lupa juga mentor pengajaran saya Prof. Dr. Khairiyah Mohd Yusof, yang mana membimbing saya sejak 2008.

Alhamdulillah research group saya iaitu Chemical Reaction Engineering Group (CREG) di bawah pimpinan Prof. Dr. NASA juga telah meraih Research Group Terbaik! Alhamdulillah syukur.

Check out more pictures from my FB post here.

Sambutan dan Jamuan Raya Aidilfitri SKT

Jamuan Raya Aidilfitri di adakan pada 27 Jun 2019, bersamaan Khamis, iaitu hari Khamis terakhir bulan Shawal. Majlis di adakan di Dewan Kuliah 1, Blok N11a. Ini pertama kali majlis di adakan di sini. Sambutan dan hidangan amat menarik. Pelbagai juadah yang lazat, menarik serta enak sama-sama dikongsi.

Antara juadah yang disediakan bersama adalah kambing golek, laksa johor, sate, ice cream, cendol, pelbagai kuih, nasi minyak dan sebagainya.

Mesyuarat Ihya Ramadhan Surau Al-Taqwa, BBKP

The day hasn’t ended yet. There are still task and responsibility outside the office hour and also for the community. The meeting for the preparation for Ramadhan was held again tonight. Few meetings have been held before this, but this is the largest one attended by more committee members and Surau Jemaah. Ustaz Ismail, who is very busy was also present tonight. Alhamdulillah the meeting went well and ended around 10.20pm.

My First Meeting as a Fellow Member with Center of Engineering Education (CEE)

It is indeed a historical moment. After attending the briefing for Final Examination Vetting (BENGKEL PENYEDIAAN & PENILAIAN SOALAN PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR (UG & PG) SESI 2018/2019 SEMESTER II) in the School of Chemical & Energy Engineering, I rushed to Center of Engineering Education (CEE) at 10.30am. I used to come here (CEE) for meeting but within the capacity as Introduction to Engineering (ITE) lecturer. But now, I am here as a new CEE Research Fellow.

One term that I learned from this meeting is “Epistemology”.

What is epistemology?

It is the theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

Bengkel Penyediaan dan Penilaian Soalan Peperiksaan Akhir (UG dan PG) Sesi 2018/2019 Semester II

The first official task today is to be at this briefing and workshop – BENGKEL PENYEDIAAN & PENILAIAN SOALAN PEPERIKSAAN AKHIR (UG & PG) SESI 2018/2019 SEMESTER II, which is held at Bilik Mesyuarat Utama, N01a, 9am – 10.30am.

I have 2 roles here which are as a person who prepares one of the final exam paper (MKKK1653) as well as an evaluator for another Master Energy paper.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to submit and improve the final exam paper. But I can’t afford to review the Master Energy paper, mainly because I need to rush to CEE for Meeting at 10.30am.

Simple Act to Help, Do your Part…

Zuhair, a final year chemical engineering student from my faculty shared a simple yet informative information about 8 hazardous chemicals detected a Sim Sim river, Pasir Gudang, Johor.

He prepared the notes in Bahasa Malaysia to help dwellers in affected areas (and others) know, learn and aware about the tremendous danger from the chemicals.

What Zuhair has done yesterday was spot on when there was no proper explanation or elaboration on the 8 hazardous chemicals explained publicly in a simple version, which could be clearly understood by normal people.

His notes was shared and viraled, and detected by a local newspaper. The newspaper published his notes. It can be seen in the link below:…/bekas-pelajar-smk-sungai-tiram…

Well done Zuhair Ozil 🙂

For the rest of us, lets contribute whatever we can… such as…

– Solat hajat & prayers
– Donations (money, time, energy, food etc)
– Knowledge & expertise
– Volunteer work of any kind
– Advice, suggestions etc formally to authority
– or anything to help…

In short, lets hope and pray all the best for Pasir Gudang speedy recovery.

In a different note, we condemned the massive terrorist attact in New Zealand earlier today. May Allah protect us all. Amin.


Jury for 3 Minute Thesis Competition

Today I became one of the jury for the 3 Minute Thesis Competition which was held in conjunction of the UTM Research Week Carnival 2019. Alongside with me was Prof. Madya. Dr. Mazura Jusoh and Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Kamaruddin Abd Hamid. During my session, there were 16 postgraduate students contesting. At the end we chose 3 of the best to proceed to the next round.

Site Technical Visit & Discussion at IIFCO (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD

Site Technical Visit & Discussion at IIFCO Pasir Gudang. Amazing plant, great continuous learning process for us.

IFFCO (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD is an integrated oleo-chemical complex in Malaysia, which feeds downstream state-of-the-art soap noodle and finishing plants. Their soap products and soap noodle intermediates cater to local needs as well as requirements of markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. IIFCO joint venture with Dalquim, Brazil produces rumen protected fats for animal feed nutrition.

Didn’t expect to meet my ex-student, Rashiqah, who is now a process engineer in IIFCO. Will be back here soon.