Challenging You to Create A Self-Sufficient Backyard or Front yard

Nowadays we could all use a little more self-sufficiency in our lives, especially since there’s no telling when the next crisis will hit. Do not ever consider that we are (our country) going to be peaceful forever or not being attacked!

And I’m sure you don’t want to be caught off-guard or looking for a handout from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

On the flip side, even if no crisis arrives soon, you’ll have greatly improved your house. And it will start to pay for itself instead of draining your bank account each month.

How to Turn a Typical Money-Draining House into a Tiny, Profitable Homestead

All you really need are simple yet ingenious DIY projects you can implement in a few hours or days, like the self-heating year-round greenhouse, a moneymaking basement crop, the mini chicken coop on just eight square feet, the complete windowsill medicinal garden, a quick battery trick for making almost any battery last longer, an independent water source, a small under-kitchen root cellar, an ingenious system for growing food suspended indoors, the handy backyard beehive, a stove that gives you free, hot, pressurized water at the tap, and many—and I do mean many—others!

100+ Backyard Projects You Should Add to Your Property

The Self-Sufficient Backyard has color pictures and crystal-clear instructions for each step of every project so that you can become less dependent on pharmacies and grocery chains and take back your independence.

Personally, I have started a DIY plantation project in front of my house – It’s the chili and cucumber fertigation system. It started in 2020, very nice, but since the coconut pit quality has deteriorated, I put a pause on it. Will be continuing it back soon.

Testing my Heating Mantle Capabilities

Checking and testing in progress. It has not been used for quite some time and now I am checking it out to see if it is OK and can meet the desired temperature I wanted to launch my new research.

It should be able to reach 500 oC. Today’s experiment showed that it reached 360 oC, merely based on the limitation of my mercury thermometer.


Simple Act to Help, Do your Part…

Zuhair, a final year chemical engineering student from my faculty shared a simple yet informative information about 8 hazardous chemicals detected a Sim Sim river, Pasir Gudang, Johor.

He prepared the notes in Bahasa Malaysia to help dwellers in affected areas (and others) know, learn and aware about the tremendous danger from the chemicals.

What Zuhair has done yesterday was spot on when there was no proper explanation or elaboration on the 8 hazardous chemicals explained publicly in a simple version, which could be clearly understood by normal people.

His notes was shared and viraled, and detected by a local newspaper. The newspaper published his notes. It can be seen in the link below:…/bekas-pelajar-smk-sungai-tiram…

Well done Zuhair Ozil 🙂

For the rest of us, lets contribute whatever we can… such as…

– Solat hajat & prayers
– Donations (money, time, energy, food etc)
– Knowledge & expertise
– Volunteer work of any kind
– Advice, suggestions etc formally to authority
– or anything to help…

In short, lets hope and pray all the best for Pasir Gudang speedy recovery.

In a different note, we condemned the massive terrorist attact in New Zealand earlier today. May Allah protect us all. Amin.