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Engineering 2 Volleyball Team @ UTM Interdepartment Sports

Today is the day – the volleyball inter department game and Engineering 2 team that comprises School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, School of Civil engineering and School of Biomedical Engineering will compete against other departments.

All the best to our women team yeahhh…


Chemical Disposal, Technical Evaluation, Technical Lab Tour… etc

I have several pre-scheduled tasks for today (as expected after holding this position).

First, made a site visit to the chemical disposal storage which at 9 am, a team of technical staffs will work together to clear and transfer the waste chemicals to another chemical disposal storage area. Basically, we intend to have only one waste chemical storage for easier management and facilitation.

Secondly, there was this Penilaian Teknikal meeting for some items that will be purchased. This was chaired by the Timbalan Dekan Penyelidikan & Inovasi (TDPI). 4 Items were interestingly been reviewed 🙂 .

Thirdly, there was this official visit by Universitas Sriwijaya (UNSRI) to our faculty. Later, I brought the delegation to visit some of our labs. Exactly 5 of the labs. Thanks to the help of Dr. Anam, Jamal, Firdaus, Azri, Roslan, Dr. Wan Rosli, who helped to guide and explained about the labs etc to the Indonesian delegates. Credit to Shahril, our cameraman for the day.


The delegates from UNSRI and part of FCEE Administrators at our FCEE office


Earlier in the morning, the technical staffs worked together (gotong-royong) to clear, clean the previous FCE chemical waste disposal storage area. Great effort, remarkable teamwork.

Subsequently, I had several unofficial meetings with several important people in the faculty – for technology & knowledge transfer, job/task transfer, comprehending many things, a bit planing and a bit of this and that… 🙂

Most importantly, I need to stay relax, calm and not to stress out myself.

Back home, I had a good badminton with my other half and kids 🙂 Need to balance life… work… family… exercise… Majalah 3… and writing this post 😉 then get some rest…

UTM, an Eco-Tourism University

Perhaps, many don’t know that Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), is an Eco-Tourism university. It has numerous features that we can regard it as an eco-tourism attractive place.

eco-tourism university

Just look at the beautiful yet informative infographic above… we can see a lot of interesting places and activities. Even I have been in UTM for quite a number of years, I have not personally involve with all these opportunities.


I should have taken this advantage. Not only we can do or get involve with a lot of activities, we can also bring our family as well. For new students, or existing students, come on, check this out. Not all university have what UTM have to offer.

Let me just list down few activities or interesting stuffs or attraction that UTM can offer at the moment:

  • Boating at the lake
  • Kayaking at the lake
  • Fishing at the lake
  • Deer zoo
  • Cycling
  • Swimming pool
  • Stadium
  • Sport complex
  • Wall climbing
  • Orchard (fruit picking : durian, rambutan, pulasan)
  • Health care center
  • Student Innovation Center (SIC)
  • Festival Convocation (Fesco)
  • 3 Lakes in UTM
  • Integrated industrial training
  • Chemeca
  • Global Outreach Program (GOP) – opportunity to go oversea
  • Helpful and friendly academic advisors
  • ATV sport
  • Balai Cerap – browsing the stars using huge telescopes

… and much more… which i cannot think of at the moment… Well, UTM is indeed a great and memorable place to be in 🙂 Don’t you think so!

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Semi Final – UTM Inter Departmental Soccer Tournament

2016-bola-semi-finalYesterday, FCEE team played as per schedule versus Pendaftar (Registrar) at the SEMI FINALS 🙂 [Refer to our earlier Quarter Final match]. As usual, the game took place at KDOJ football field. The atmosphere was just like the day before, warm and dry afternoon, unlike our first game where it was gloomy and wet. We


FCEE lost the match. 1-4.

I played the right back position from the kick-off. This was a no joke game. This Pendaftar team comprises of majority UTM players. We only have 1 UTM team player. Pendaftar players were fast, organized and most “young”! Imagine a 40 year old man like me chasing a 23-30 something age player running on the field. I cannot cope. I could not catch them. Eventually, both of my feet get so stressed out that I cannot run or walk properly towards the end of the first half. As soon as the half time whistle was blown, I limped slowly to our player-manager, Dr. Zainul, and requested to be replaced. I cannot run and play anymore.

What does the result means now?

Our journey for soccer success stopped. We could not proceed to the final because we were defeated by a team far better than us. It’s OK. Few years ago, we were badly thrashed 0-7 by Pendaftar. So, 1-4 is still a good result for us. Fortunately, all players will receive a 3rd place medal, since we reached up to this semi-final stage. That’s a huge and blessing relief. Never that our football team ended at the semi final.

Let’s try again and do our best next year.

Quarter Final – UTM Inter Departmental Soccer Tournament


Yesterday, FCEE team played as per schedule versus Chancellery. The game took place at KDOJ football field. It was a warm and dry afternoon, unlike our first game where it was gloomy and wet.


FCEE won the match. 3-1.

As usual, I played the right back position. However, this time I played in the second half because I arrived late. Well, actually based on my age, I planned to play less due to lack of stamina and lack of fitness. I believed I played around 15-20 minutes, but it felt like it was forever….haha…

What does the result means now?

We proceed to the semi final. We will battle Pendaftar, a very strong team and the regular champion of the tournament for the past several years. But we should not be that nervous. We will try to relax and play our game calmly with discipline. Wish us luck ok!


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3rd Game – UTM Inter-Deparment Badminton

We just played our 3rd game tonight, which is the first in this knock-out stage. This time we battled Faculty of Science. Surprisingly, I was asked to play single. Hesitated, I obliged with the decision by our team leader / manager (Prof. G). The game started.

If you just read this post, you should read 2 earlier post here and here, to know the complete overview of our game.


(1) 1st double (PM Dr. Asnizam & Ahmad MPRC) – we LOST unfortunately.

(2) Single (ME) – surprisingly I won (YES)! I was lucky I guessed 🙂 God helped me! And it was a straight set. My opponent was exhausted and slightly heavier than me. That’s some advantage for me.

(3) 2nd double (Prof G. & Roslan Jas) – the decider – again, we lost unfortunately.

OVERALL – We LOST and will not proceed to the quarter final tomorrow.

Well, it’s ok. It’s just a nice game. I treated it as an activity for me to exercise (but during the game, it can turned out to be very tense!)

InsyaAllah, we’ll try next year 🙂