Plant Design Project SKKC4834 for Supervisors

I conducted a briefing together with Dr. Azizul and Dr. Zarina for all supervisors at 2.15pm. We briefed on how the PDP will be conducted this coming semester. The event went well. Alhamdulillah



Day 5: Chairman/Panel for Undergraduate Research Presentation + Plant Design Project Coordination Meeting

Today is a very full pact day. First hald of the day was the final presentation for Undergraduate Research Project. Two of my students presented in this event. At the same time, I am one of the panels and also the chairperson for my session. This event took place from 9am to 12.30pm, followed by the announcement ceremony for the best presenters from each session. Surprisingly one of my students, Nasyitah won the best presenter in the Modelling and simulation session. Congrats!!!

Second of the day was the Plant Design Project Coordination meeting. We have to plan for the coming semester. There will be about 150 students going to pursue this course and there are a mountain of tasks in terms of planning and coordination work to be done. This was from 2.30pm to 5.10pm at Bilik Mesyuarat Dekan.


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Testing my Heating Mantle Capabilities

Checking and testing in progress. It has not been used for quite some time and now I am checking it out to see if it is OK and can meet the desired temperature I wanted to launch my new research.

It should be able to reach 500 oC. Today’s experiment showed that it reached 360 oC, merely based on the limitation of my mercury thermometer.


Kursus Persediaan Problem-Based Learning (PBL) for Low Carbon Education in Iskandar Malaysia Bil. 5/2019.

Nampaknya cikgu-cikgu yang terlibat kebanyakannya dah boleh mengendalikan PBL di sekolah masing-masing. Kita dari Center of Engineering Education (CEE), UTM bantu guide dan pantau sikit-sikit. Good jobs teachers. Alah bisa tegal biasa!

Trainers/Facilitators : Prof. Dr. Khairiyah Mohd Yusof, Dr. Syed Helmi, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fatin Aliah Phang, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ts. Mohd Kamaruddin Abd Hamid& Zaki Yamani Zakaria.

Debut PBL – LCS at Sekolah Menengaah Kebangsaan Taman Sutera, Johor Bahru

It is the first time that Sekolah Menengaah Kebangsaan Taman Sutera (SMKTS), Johor Bahru participated in the Problem Based Learning (PBL) for Low Carbon Society (LCS) education in their school. About 32 form 2 students participated in this program which is conducted on every Wednesday morning from 7.30am to 9.15AM. It was my first time entering and monitoring the PBL activity in this school.

Further information about this has been reported in my FB account:

Final Presentation Briefing for Plant Design Project

Today I briefly presented to the Final Year Students taking Plant Design Project the Final Presentation Briefing. Vital information about the format of final report format, final presentation format, arrangement of chapters for reports and others were presented. The session took place from 2pm to 3pm at DK5 N11a. After my presentation, Prof Rozainee delivers his talk titled Professional Project Presentation. His presentation was awesome and energetic!


Industry Supervisor Meeting with Plant Design Project Students

Today, there were 2 ISV meetings. Details are as follows:
Team 1, 2, 3 (9am-12pm) – Nurasyikin, Bilik Professor Pelawat, N01a
Team 20, 21, 22, 23 (2pm-5pm) – Ezamshah, Bilik Mesyuarat Fakulti, N01.
Both meetings went smooth and awesome. Alhamdulillah.

Mari Kita Raikan Para Graduan Dan Tetamu Sempena Majlis Konvokesyen Ke-62

Following are the speech from UTM Vice-Chancellor in conjunction of the 62nd UTM Convocation…

I hope that all of you are doing well and in good health.

As we all know, the 62nd Convocation Ceremony will take place on the 29thApril until 30th April 2019. As I have shared during the last convocation, to us (as staff) , the convocation is a routine ceremony happening twice a year. However, to the graduates and their families, the convocation ceremony is an occasion much awaited, which is a proud and meaningful moment to celebrate their success.

Therefore, in conjunction with this special event, I would urge the whole UTM community to celebrate this memorable occasion with the graduates and their families. We should appreciate this happy moment in celebration with students and their families. As we frequently mention, the whole campus eco-system is involved in nurturing the students.As such, I would like to invite everyone in UTM community at all levels to give the best to all our guests.

Let them feel our friendly culture. Let us pray that this UTM Convocation Ceremony will run smoothly with much joy and happiness. Lastly, I would like to express my utmost appreciation to everyone who are involved directly and indirectly in making this convocation and all other programmes taking place in conjunction with this convocation Ceremony a successful one.


Thank you.

Wahid Omar

UTM Vice-Chancellor

HTGYE Mock Interview

Today, I have an interview session with final year students of Chemical Engineering. This is actually a Mock Interview to prepare the final students for interview when they start applying for work in a few months time. 15 students were interviewed in 4 sessions. I was the interviewer along side Dr. Dayang. It was an interesting session and we provided precious comments and inputs for the students.


Meeting with Plant Design Students

After lunch and solat, I had a 45 minute meeting with a Plant Design Project group. It is not my group, but other group. They need some opinion, ideas and comments. Though when dealing with Plant Design Project, I can wear a hat as supervisor and/or as coordinator, but this time, I am just wearing a hat as a lecturer who help out this team. I hope this team got some precious input from the discussion just now. Before leaving, the claimed that they were glad to have a meeting with me, although not long. Alhamdulillah.