My First Ph.D VIVA as Internal Examiner

A few months ago, I was invited to be an internal examiner for a Ph.D student under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Aishah Jalil. I received the thesis during Ramadhan month and I took quite some time to digest the thesis, which I targeted to complete during Shawal month. Unfortunately, I could not complete it due to the hustle and bustle of celebrating the festive Eid.  

The past 4 days I rallied aggressively to comprehend the thesis and prepared the report to be submitted to the Post Graduate office. Today, Alhamdulillah, the VIVA proceeded smoothly and successfully. The student, Abdelrahman Hamad Khalifa Owgi, managed to defend his thesis finely. 

Overall I am pleased and happy with my first session. I think I did quite well. Alhamdulillah. My report was quite detailed too. But I learned something from Prof Dato because he prepared an additional report. 

More pictures of the VIVA session can be viewed HERE.

New Publication in Cleaner Engineering and Technology

Alhamdulillah, I managed to successfully publish my latest manuscript titled Thermodynamic analysis of bio-oil model compounds to light Hydrocarbon in the Cleaner Engineering Technology Journal.

To download or read the paper, please click HERE.


INATEX 2023 – Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medal – A Colourful Combination

Alhamdulillah! I am so grateful to Allah for this success. It all belongs to the hard work and dedication of the team and students.

Here are some news/pictures from INATEX:


PM Dr. Mazura Jusoh’s post

RMC INATEX 2022 Official Video 

4-Days of CDIO Training Direct from the Sifuu

4-days of super intensive Workshop on CDIO in Engineering Education trained by the GURU herself, one of the founders – Kristina Edström . Thanks so much for coming to Malaysia, just to train us.

Have a safe flight back tonight…

We learned so many strategies, information, tricks, misconceptions etc in the workshop.
Thanks to all participants, from UKM, USM, UTHM, UNS (Indonesia), MJIIT and UTM. Thanks Prof Khairiyah for all the planning.

Read full coverage HERE.

How Chemical Engineers Can Help to Discover Super Food for Survival

A few days ago, I have read a website and some articles about forgotten survival food. It kept me thinking if I am prepared or not if the day we live now become a chaotic scenario, havoc, crisis, emergency, or suddenly a war occurred. Are we ready? Do we have the stock food to keep on surviving?

I’m a Chemical Engineering educator and am constantly involved in research work. It made me think if I have sufficiently thought of improving the great list of survival food introduced by Art Rood. Personally, I think chemical engineers have an amazing role to play in this.

Here is what I think Chemical Engineers can do…

Chemical engineers can play a crucial role in the discovery of superfoods for survival by using their knowledge and skills to develop new methods for growing and processing food. They can also use their expertise in chemical processes to analyze the nutritional content of different foods and identify those with the highest levels of essential nutrients.

  1. Developing sustainable food production methods: Chemical engineers can use their knowledge of bioprocessing and agricultural engineering to develop new methods for growing food that is more sustainable and efficient.
  2. Identifying nutrient-rich foods: Chemical engineers can use their knowledge of food chemistry to analyze the nutritional content of different foods and identify those with the highest levels of essential nutrients.
  3. Developing new food preservation techniques: Chemical engineers can use their knowledge of food science and preservation techniques to develop new methods for preserving food that is more effective and efficient.
  4. Optimizing food processing methods: Chemical engineers can use their knowledge of chemical processes to optimize the methods used to process food, making it more nutritious, safe, and less wasted.
  5. Developing food fortification: Chemical engineers can use their knowledge of food chemistry and nutrition to develop new methods for fortifying food with essential nutrients, making it a “superfood” for survival.

In summary, chemical engineers can use their knowledge and skills to develop sustainable food production methods, identify nutrient-rich foods, develop new food preservation techniques, optimize food processing methods and develop food fortification to help in discovering superfoods for survival.

2022 Day 307 – Attended Best Post Graduate Award Virtual Ceremony

It was indeed a historic day for many of the well deserved and chosen Post Graduate (PG) who were granted an award of excellence for their respective category. Two of my students were blessed as they was awarded best student. Dr. Sehar Taslim was awarded best student for PhD in Environmental Engineering while Ari Firmansyah was awarded Best Student for MSC in Process Plant Management. Congrats to both of them. 

Sistem Kehadiran UTM –

Hakikatnya, UTM sangat keterhadapan dalam Sistem IT dan teknologinya. Antaranya adalah sistem kehadiran iHadir UTM yang mudah dan sistematik. Staf UTM boleh dengan mudah Slide in untuk check-in dan check-out asalkan berada dalam kawasan UTM. 

Link untuk slide sistem kehadiran adalah seperti di bawah.

Selamat bekerja ye! Janganlah kita berkira-kira dengan pekerjaan kita. Kadang-kadang kita kerja kurang di UTM, jangan lupa top-up atau gantikan masa bekerja tersebut di rumah. Yang penting perlu jujur amanah dan berikan sumbangan terbaik kerana Allah. Niatkan kerja kita sebagai ibadah.

Ni dia link sekali lagi ===>

Technology Forum: The U.S Military’s Forgotten Horn of Plenty

Think about this… How can chemical engineers like us help in the development of superfood, for survival?

Why is it important? What is it for? 

With this superfood, you could keep your whole family well-fed on just 0.5$ a day for months on end. It’s probably the most nutritious food on Earth that doesn’t require refrigeration. The army invented it during the Cold War to help America survive a nuclear attack by the Soviets. And today, an ex-cook will unearth its secret formulation for the first time.

The U.S. Military Forgotten Horn of Plenty

The most amazing aspect is that this superfood requires only run-of-the-mill ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. You just need to know how to combine them in the right amounts. A feat that cost the army hundreds of experiments and millions of dollars.

The Lost Superfood of the Cold War


2022 Day 297 – 4-Days Problem-Based Learning Training

Today is the beginning of a 4-days Problem-Based Learning (PBL) training that is conducted at DEwan Seminar Jasmin, Institute of Biotechnology Development (IBD), Block N23, UTM

2022 Day 296 – Introduction to Engineering (ITE) Meeting No. 4 for This Semester

The semester has been quite full of surprise in terms of the holidays and sudden break announcements. It has disrupted our early planning which was honestly I can say a very detail one. We were lucky because the 2 Sunday breaks (due to JDT winning the league and also Deepavali) did not affected us. However the PRU14 election heavily effected us as we lost 3 hours of class – the class on Thursday (1 hour) and Monday (2 hours).

Other lecturers may sneer at us, hinting that we maybe very uptight or strict, something like that. But the truth is we carefully planned and designed the course almost to perfection. We designed and synchronized 3 courses – that are Introduction to Engineering (ITE), Industrial Seminar and Profession (ISP) and Introduction to Computer Programming (ICP). ICP will be integrated later at the mid of the semester. But for ITE and ISP, the planning and integration commenced from the 1st week of the semester.

Today’s meeting managed to resolved the lost of 3 hours (due to PRU). We created an alternative measure. InsyaAllah everything will be fine and on track. I really appreciate the team work among us, the ITE and ISP lecturers, and also ICP lecturers too, which will heavily participate in discussion later.

Our intention is purely to deliver the best for the student. To bring the best out from them. It maybe tough, it maybe painful and hurtful, but we can observe the impact it gives to the students at the end of the semester. The students will in great and better shape in terms of their important skills – Communication, Critical thinking, Leadership, and others. 

Other tasks of the day:

  • Attended eLPPT roadshow
  • Borrowed gas sampling bag
  • Prepared Dewan Seminar Jasmin, IBD for PBL training tomorrow
  • Meeting with 2 Phd students (Areen and Mohamed)
  • Superfood Project