2021 Day 99 Tasks – ICLCA2021 Abstract Submission

I have actually planned to submit this since 3-4 days ago but did not managed to catch the time to do so… Alhamdulillah I managed to submit it today. I submitted my PSM student research topic “Thermodynamic Analysis of Hydroxypropanone as Bio-Oil Model Compound to Light Hydrocarbons”. InsyaAllah soon there will be more of my PSM students submitting for this conference.

Other highlighted tasks for today:

  • Still follow up on my PSM and Master student research
  • Preparation for Master Safety Class tomorrow
  • Preparation for Petroleum and Refinery Tech class this coming Wednesday.
  • Managing AJEE Journal
  • Manuscript Correction

2021 Day 98 Tasks – PSM Research Consultations

Today, I focused on following up and provide consultation to my PSM student’s research. I do not have a regular weekly face to face meeting, by style is my students need to send report to me on a weekly basis, and follow up either by call, whatsapp discussion and email. So far it has been working well for both sides (in my opinion). I am training my students to work independently with minimal supervision but yet high productivity. High productivity is defined as the student not only can complete their project but also can publish in journal as well as present in international conferences.

So far the following PSM students of mine managed to present in conference and/or publish in journal:

2021 Day 97 Tasks – CEE Meeting with Universiti Malang

Today, we had a meeting with an Institute from Universiti Malang that was headed by Pak Dr. I Wayan Dasna. This meeting was initiated by Prof Dr. Hadi Nur from UTM and it was an interesting get to know each other meeting. Both sides brought their team to the meeting and learned about each other and think of some areas of future collaborations.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Following up with various RCEE2021 issues.
  • CEE Meeting no. 4 at 2pm.
  • Small RCEE2021 meeting to discuss TOR 3.15pm
  • Coffee Table book meeting – 9.40am
  • Preparation for CEE and Uni Malang meetings.

2021 Day 96 Tasks – 2-Days Workshop On Engaging Millennials Through Active Learning

This is the second day of the workshop.

2021 Day 95 Tasks – ReCASE2021 Conference

Two important events are happening today: (1) ReCASE2021 Conference which is organized by UMP where 3 of my students submitted their research papers, and (2) The 2-Days Workshop On Engaging Millennial Through Active Learning

Once again, I am involved in another 2 Days Workshop oN ENGAGING MILLENNIALS THROUGH ACTIVE LEARNING. This time the event was organized by UTMLead, but handled and delivered by CEE.

31 Academic staffs from UTM Skudai, Pagoh and UTM KL participated in the workshop.

2021 Day 94 Tasks – TNCPI What’s Next Action Plan Workshop

I was invited to TNCPI What’s Next Action Plan Workshop since last month due to my capacity as CEE Director. This is the first face to face official event under TNCPI that I attended at Pulai Spring Resort. All directors from Institute, Hi-COE, COE and other PTJ attended the workshop. We were there to be briefed and later discussed on what’s the plan for the next 3 years on UTM future.

2021 Day 93 Tasks – Final Piece, Completion and Submission of Teaching Award Documentation

It was a really lengthy and detail preparation to complete the Citra Karisma 2020 Teaching Award Documentation. I slept at 4am in the morning to complete it. I went to Taman University book shop to bind my Teaching Portfolio. In overall, I am more satisfied with my submission this time, compared to the previous 2 years. I submitted the official form that was signed by Dr. Hajar Alias (Head of Chemical Engineering Department), Shams Shazid Kader (my student) and Prof. Dr. Mohd Ghazali Nawawi (Chair of SCEE).

I submitted the documents at UTMLead at 2pm, accompanied by Dr. Azizul Azri, who is serving in UTMLead. Alhamdulillah, it was pure relieve submitting the documents. Now I will leave it to Allah. I’ve done the best that I could.

2021 Day 92 Tasks – Night Meeting with Johanes Stroeble regarding CBAM

It’s Saturday, the second day of our weekend public break. However, there are still few things to be sorted out and that’s why we had this meeting with Prof. Johannes Stroble from University of Missouri. We were actually discussing on getting Prof Stroble’s help to conduct a CBAM Workshop. CBAM is Concerns Based Adoption Model – this is a model that is used to support and track the change process towards an innovation. The meeting started at 9pm Malaysia time and ended within an hour. It was 8am at Prof Stroble’s geographical location that time.

2021 Day 90 Tasks – Mesyuarat Pengurusan Jabatan Timbalan Naib Cancelor (Penyelidikan & Inovasi) Bil 2/2021

This is the first time I participated in the Mesyuarat Pengurusan Jabatan Timbalan Naib Cancelor (Penyelidikan & Innovation) Bil 2/2021 as my capacity as the Director of CEE. InsyaAllah I looked forward to participate and contribute as much as I can. Next TNCPI program that I will participated is next week which will be help in Pulai Spring.

Other highlighted tasks of the day:

  • Checked Turnitin and submitted 3 of my ReCASE2021 paper.
  • Checked MyCEB documentation and forms.
  • Preparation for Teaching Award portfolio.

2021 Day 88 Tasks – CEE ARO Interview

Our Center of Excellence, CEE, posted a new vacant position in February which is for the Assistant Research Officer (ARO) position. Today we interviewed 6 candidates that have been shortlisted.