Day 312 Task – Master Environmental Management Class Preparation with Miscellaneous tasks

Imagine the preparation for a 1 hour class, we need at least 3 hours for the preparation. Then imagine the preparation for a 3 hour class, the time required could triple. I am not in a very difficult situation which is to prepare for a 16 hour class starting tomorrow (Saturday and Sunday) for this Master Environmental Management Pesisir under the Master Safety MKKH Program. To be honest, this is the first time I will be teaching this class but I believe I am capable of teaching it. I just need to really prepare and design the class which will be conducted via online mode and it ain’t easy to have an online class for such a long duration.

My experience moderating the forum last Wednesday for a straight 3 hours really made me super exhausted and few moments after that I slept for 3 hours plus before 8pm to recover my energy.

Back to the preparation of my class, I will design the class appropriately so everybody will benefit and enjoy the class, InsysAllah. I’m planning to conduct a research for this class simultaneously, which I haven’t planned yet (at the point I write this, but I have some idea).

The preparation of class is not the main thing going on today. There are still plenty of tasks that I need to pause, or if I can squeeze my time and energy, I will do it. I have FRGS improvement and documents to prepare, journal manuscript to submit which was already long pending, a book which I co-handle with a senior colleague to edit and do a bit of final touch edition (that I promised to complete this weekend). But then, those are not the only thing going to happened. Just now, as early as 8am in my weekend break, I already had a phone call to interview a candidate who wanted to appoint me as his mentee to be a professional engineer. Subsequently I joined a Zoom meeting on Mathwork Process Control problem lead by Prof Khairiyah that combines UTM, USM and UMP.

It’s pretty tricky that the older we became, the more matured we be, the more tasks and responsibility we aught to be given. We just need to be wise and intelligent in balancing all official tasks, in official tasks, community contribution, spiritual and family. The family is being mentioned last, but it is the highest priority in actual fact.

OK, all the best to me… ๐Ÿ™‚

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Day 311 Task – ITE afternoon Class

It was a busy day as usual. But despite of numerous major and minor task, I still need to focus on the Introduction to Engineering (ITE) Class which took place from 2-3pm. The day took place with us all the ITE lecturers having an online morning meeting to discuss carefully and synchronize what we’ll be doing today. Alhamdulillah, the class was smooth. Later today, I started to prepare for my Pesisir MKKH Class which will be a solid Saturday and Sunday. At the same time, I checked the slide prepared for SPIL 2020 conference prepared by my PhD student.

The time flies really fast nowadays. Too many things moving on from many directions.

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Day 292 Task – Miscellaneous Journal Reviewing’s and Teaching Preparation

The Q3 Journal – BCREC

The Q1 Journal – Energy Report

It’s Saturday today. There are tones of tasks that I need to do. I started the morning handling 2 journals that I need to review,ย  one from a Q1 journal and another one from a Q3 journal. Both areย  related to my expertise in Catalysis and Reaction Engineering.

Subsequently after that, I managed / handled ASEAN Journal of Engineering Education (AJEE) journal which I am the Editor. Two journals need to be dealt with today after I received the comments from all reviewers. I am trying my best to realize the Second Issue for AJEE 2020 Volume. Alhamdulillah the First Issue for AJEE 2020 Volume was released in last July.

After this, there are several tasks such as weekly teaching plan, online teaching strategies, journal paper submission and others that need to be fulfilled.

Wow.. it’s just like there is no holiday.

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Day 290 Task โ€“ Getting Ready for Next Week’s New Semester Class

The new semester will be kicking of next week. In the morning I checked my AIMS and also eLearning. I now know that I have 30 students in my SETK1523-05 Introduction to Engineering (ITE) and SETK1511-05 Industrial Seminar & Profession (ISP) course. We are in Section 5. I have also a Master class which is MKKH1513-04 Environmental Management.

I got some helped from Muhammad Firdaus Bin Mahmood, one of my ITE student’s to create a Whatsapp group to make communication faster for our section (the whatsapp group picture is shown above). I also asked for assistance from UTMLead and AduIT to properly setup and update my eLearning courses. It’s now 10.50am, and we already have our Whatsapp group for ITE and ISP. I already checked that my eLearning is now updated. Soon I need to fill in content for my eLearning. I printed the list of names of students who have registered so far in my courses.

On top of that, I am the Academic Advisor for the existing 3rd year students. I must also make sure they are properly registering their courses. There are some of the students that I need to help them to adjust their courses section mainly due to clash with other course or section. That’s part of my duty.

In short today is mainly managing and preparing for the class that commenced next week.

The above photo shows the course that I will teach this semester. All together 7 credits.

Wish me luck.

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Day 289 Task – Exploring Discord for Teaching and Learning

The conventional teaching that we are used to apply could no longer be implemented due to the pandemic and academician in universities have no choice than to implement and be creative in implementing tools for online learning. One of the tools that we plan to use is Discord. Apparently Discord has been actively used by teenagers and gamers and perhaps other peoples to actively communicate online.

Discord is an American proprietary freeware instant messaging and VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities ranging from gamers to education and businesses. Discord specializes in text, image, video and audio communication between users in a chat channel. Here is more explanation on what is Discord from Wikipedia.

Today, at CEE we had a training to explore Discord. It is very interesting and we believed it can be a very effective tool to implement our usual cooperative problem based learning in our Introduction to Engineering (ITE) Class.

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Day 288 Task – Virtual Meeting| IEEE TALE 2022

Today, beside continuing the 2nd Day of Part 3 OBE workshop with UNS, I would like to highlight the Virtual Meeting to discuss IEEE Tale 2022 project. I’m totally new to this and am not sure what to expect. Tale is if I am not mistaken a very grand conference on Engineering Education platform. I have just involved in RCEE2020 2 weeks ago and the planning and execution was really massive and exhausting. If we are to host Tale 2020, I hope we will have a better plan and better team, better support, better infra. InsyaAllah.

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Day 287 Task – OBE Assessment Online Workshop with UNS

Today is the Part 3 of the Online OBE Workshop with UNS. We had our Part 1 and Part 2 few weeks ago. The first day of the Part 3 session went smooth, Alhamdulillah. I am in charged of the Chemistry Break-up room and we had an amazing discussion on helping them to understand the assessment part of the PEO, PO and CO. The 2nd day will resume tomorrow.

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Day 286 Task – Check Draft of Project Description for a Consultation Project

Today, we work from home because of the covid quarantine. As an academician, working from home does not mean we cannot be productive. Alhamdulillah, I managed to work on several tasks. But the one that I would like to highlight here is my task in an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Consultation Project. I’m just a member of the project which involves a paper recycling company. Working on a consultancy project like this is very interesting and fun because I am a chemical engineer, and real industrial tasks like this make us learn new technical things.

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Day 285 Task – Emailed a Journal Editor Proposing to Submit a Review Paper

I spent roughly nearly 2 hours today to write and prepare required information to submit a review paper to a journal. Before this I have submitted a review paper to a journal when I was doing my PhD. It was not easy as was only accepted on my 4th attempt.

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Day 284 Tasks – Process Control Mathwork Meeting with other Universities

It’s an off day for me as Friday emerged. But that did not stop us from having this meeting to discuss the realization of preparing and launching a real industry problem to be presented in the Process Control class, not only in UTM, but USM and UMP.

The Zoom meeting which commenced at 9.30am sharp require only 30 minutes and we know what we need to do. It was short, sweet and precise because we already had one or two previous meetings and all the attendees knew the idea of the project.

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