It’s Official – I’m appointed as the new FCEE Facility Manager

It’s a paradoxical emotion, I would say. It’s not something that I see myself being one. It’s not my wish. It’s not my hope. However, the management has put full trust on me to hold this new position, the Facility Manager. It is a position that merged from “Pengurusan Makmal” and “IT”. It’s a combination of 2 crucially important department. Although, I would not want to, but I eventually obliged to accept this faith, this position. I accept this as an “amanah”, a task that I need to put my very best effort to lead. I know there are better and more experienced colleague out there that can hold this position, but since the management appointed me, I accept it.  InsyaAllah, I will try to do my best. Please guide and assist me throughout my journey as the new Facility Manager.

Up till this moment, I have not received the official appointment letter (hard copy). However, announcement has been made through email. Surprisingly this is a 3 year appointment. Normally, if I am not mistaken, it is always 2 years. Nevertheless, I will just do my job.

Although I am holding this new role, I hope all of my academic, research, supervision, consultancy etc will keep on moving. After all, that’s the main reason I am passionate about becoming a lecturer, an academician.

Wish me luck 🙂