Chemical Disposal, Technical Evaluation, Technical Lab Tour… etc

I have several pre-scheduled tasks for today (as expected after holding this position).

First, made a site visit to the chemical disposal storage which at 9 am, a team of technical staffs will work together to clear and transfer the waste chemicals to another chemical disposal storage area. Basically, we intend to have only one waste chemical storage for easier management and facilitation.

Secondly, there was this Penilaian Teknikal meeting for some items that will be purchased. This was chaired by the Timbalan Dekan Penyelidikan & Inovasi (TDPI). 4 Items were interestingly been reviewed 🙂 .

Thirdly, there was this official visit by Universitas Sriwijaya (UNSRI) to our faculty. Later, I brought the delegation to visit some of our labs. Exactly 5 of the labs. Thanks to the help of Dr. Anam, Jamal, Firdaus, Azri, Roslan, Dr. Wan Rosli, who helped to guide and explained about the labs etc to the Indonesian delegates. Credit to Shahril, our cameraman for the day.


The delegates from UNSRI and part of FCEE Administrators at our FCEE office


Earlier in the morning, the technical staffs worked together (gotong-royong) to clear, clean the previous FCE chemical waste disposal storage area. Great effort, remarkable teamwork.

Subsequently, I had several unofficial meetings with several important people in the faculty – for technology & knowledge transfer, job/task transfer, comprehending many things, a bit planing and a bit of this and that… 🙂

Most importantly, I need to stay relax, calm and not to stress out myself.

Back home, I had a good badminton with my other half and kids 🙂 Need to balance life… work… family… exercise… Majalah 3… and writing this post 😉 then get some rest…