Day 291 Task – eLearning Set Up for All Courses I am Teaching This Coming Semester

This is definitely a must do this weekend. I must set up my eLearning because I believe students will be visiting and checking the eLearning for information regarding the class. I haven’t yet done it but I will prepare the eLearning introduction part for the above listed courses. Yes, I will be teaching all the above courses:

  1. MKKH1513 – Environmental Management (EM)
  2. SETK1511 – Industrial Seminar and Profession (ISP)
  3. SETK1523 – Introduction to Engineering (ITE)

I’m really excited to start again teaching this semester after quite a long time hibernating from teaching, but the main challenges will be to conduct the teaching online and to get the students actively engage. We have that covered for ITE and ISP because all the lecturers have been actively preparing to face the situation. But for EM, I have not really prepared. But I have clear and rough idea what and how to run the class.

All the best to all academicians in preparing and running the class online. Also best of luck to all students who will start learning online from home and hostel.

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