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2022 Day 54 Task – Video Shooting for INATEX Competition | Ir. Ts. Dr. Zaki Yamani Zakaria Official Page

2022 Day 54 Task – Video Shooting for INATEX Competition

Today, I came to N10 lab to do the video shooting of my PhD student, Areen and Muhammad. Both of them became my student this year due to the migration of their original dedicated supervisor, Dr. Muhammad Tahir to Saudi Arabia exactly at the beginning of 2022.

I also received fantastic news that ShuChyi’s CHERD paper titled “Hydrogen production from steam and dry reforming of methane-ethane-glycerol: A thermodynamic comparative analysis” has been published in the proper typesetting.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Completed the marking of Learning Portfolio
  • ITE Meeting to discuss on the Learning Portfolio
  • Checked and commented on Izzati’s research
  • Provided sample of thesis to Azri Hanis, Faisal Ardiansyah (PSM Student)
  • Checked and commented on Anis’s Proposal and Review Paper
  • Resend Alphard to Workshop and took Kancil back
  • Followed up on Nazirul and Intan’s paper progress
  • Responded to SG’s paper draft