2022 Day 77 Task – Checked My Engineering Education PhD Student’s Proposal

Hari Jumaat Penghulu Hari. I must admit that today is not as productive and as aggressive as my other days of the week. I relaxed and watch the bulb tube more in comparison to other days. I am pretty much stuck with the new sitcom that my son has introduced to me – The Big Bang Theory. It’s a very interesting sitcom that me and my wife can relate very much as the main characters in the sitcom are scientists and researchers, just like us. Well, half of my tasks as an academician is to do research.

Nevertheless, I did perform some official tasks today. I focused on my Engineering Education Research (EER) PhD student’s proposal today, commented and corrected some of his work. It’s a very interesting and amazing work so far, as I can see. His intention, vision is remarkable as he wanted to contribute to the betterment of Engineering Education in his country, Sudan. Sudan seriously need rigorous help and support it can have. We’ll do our best, our part, as much as we can. In Syaa Allah.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Checked Mei Lian’s video for the Undergraduate Research Poster Competition.
  • Communicated with Ir Tajul and the Head of IEM Student Society in UTM for the allocation of 3 students members seats for IEM program.
  • Communication of SEEM program. Cancellation of the Active Learning and Flipped learning program.
  • Compiled material for MKKL1133 lecture.