2022 Day 80 Task – Postgrad and Contractor Discussion

Part of our reactor set up

My plan was to have a discussion with our Gas Chromatography contractor for the commissioning of the GC for gaseous and liquid sample analysis. We have prepared the 2 GC’s for my students, but yet we are pending of the Refinery Gas Standard and possible columns to be used.

Other tasks of the day:

  • Managed some of my Penasihat Akademik students.
  • Managed payment of various chemicals, consumables, fittings of my research. Thanks to Hidayah and Anis for helping out.
  • Managed AJEE manuscripts and reviewers.
  • Updated SEEM website on the Sembang Kopitiam program.
  • Checked Mei Lian’s video.
  • Requested for approval for oven repair cost.
  • Suddenly taught METE1153 Occupational Safety for Energy System – shocking surprise