2022 Day 87 Task – METE1153 Occupational Safety in Energy System 2nd Class

.Me and my 3 student’s location

Last week, only 1 student attended this class. Alhamdulillah this week, we have more students. But more is defined as 3 students. Yes, in record, I will have only 3 students for this class, 1 from China mainland and 2 from Malaysia. Interesting right?

The class I had just now was an introduction to Safety and Occupational Safety. It was very interesting having this 3 students. I began by asking them to show their exact location my using Padlet. I have subscribed to Padlet somewhere last year and it has proven super useful. Later in my lecturer, I introduced another Padlet to get the students to share their unique experiences associated to safety.

Here are the Padlet links:

  1. Show where you are
  2. Share your safety experiences

Other tasks of the day:

  • Handled Tan’s GRA appointment
  • Responded to Dr. Naniek with regard to RCEE2022
  • Completed and submitted my 5-page CV for METE ODL program