2022 Day 296 – Introduction to Engineering (ITE) Meeting No. 4 for This Semester

The semester has been quite full of surprise in terms of the holidays and sudden break announcements. It has disrupted our early planning which was honestly I can say a very detail one. We were lucky because the 2 Sunday breaks (due to JDT winning the league and also Deepavali) did not affected us. However the PRU14 election heavily effected us as we lost 3 hours of class – the class on Thursday (1 hour) and Monday (2 hours).

Other lecturers may sneer at us, hinting that we maybe very uptight or strict, something like that. But the truth is we carefully planned and designed the course almost to perfection. We designed and synchronized 3 courses – that are Introduction to Engineering (ITE), Industrial Seminar and Profession (ISP) and Introduction to Computer Programming (ICP). ICP will be integrated later at the mid of the semester. But for ITE and ISP, the planning and integration commenced from the 1st week of the semester.

Today’s meeting managed to resolved the lost of 3 hours (due to PRU). We created an alternative measure. InsyaAllah everything will be fine and on track. I really appreciate the team work among us, the ITE and ISP lecturers, and also ICP lecturers too, which will heavily participate in discussion later.

Our intention is purely to deliver the best for the student. To bring the best out from them. It maybe tough, it maybe painful and hurtful, but we can observe the impact it gives to the students at the end of the semester. The students will in great and better shape in terms of their important skills – Communication, Critical thinking, Leadership, and others. 

Other tasks of the day:

  • Attended eLPPT roadshow
  • Borrowed gas sampling bag
  • Prepared Dewan Seminar Jasmin, IBD for PBL training tomorrow
  • Meeting with 2 Phd students (Areen and Mohamed)
  • Superfood Project