When Telekom cable was stolen_First incident

Staying at a sub-urban area is a blessing. When one of my colleagues lamented that I should have mobile wifi with unlimited dataplan and not using any excuse of unstable and limited internet connection of not conducting synchronous online class, I just bite my tongue to suppress myself from saying anything that I should not say.
I conduct my class using asynchronous online classroom method. Yup. No webex, zoom (uhuk uhuk controversial) and bigbluebutton. Here is the testament that I have provided materials/activities on my eLearning that students can use to assist their learning. On the day when we suppose to have class, I use Whatsapp to have “live” discussion.
Alhamdulillah, the internet is back now but still slow (low bandwith internet connection). Having this experience makes me emphatise with my students who are having the same predicament as me. So, synchronous online class is not a viable option for us.
In sha Allah if everything goes well as planned, the discussion of all topics will end on week 12.  So, my students can start their revision a bit early.

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