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A lone ranger. I feel that rather than waiting for anyone to give any instruction, I might as well make myself useful. Quietly, just do my own stuff. I prefer it this way.

I have been having trouble falling asleep lately. This is concerning. I need to take action. So I decided to engage in some physically demanding activities. I bought chipping stones last week and began flattening them on the spot where I normally park my car at home. This is my personal project. On the first day of my little project, I was exhausted and had trouble falling asleep due to muscle aches all over my body. The muscle aches were only temporary. I had no more muscle aches when I finished my small project yesterday. However, doing such physically demanding work allows me to sleep earlier. I need to stick to this routine of exercising or doing something physically taxing every day.

The physical activity I had hoped for was not “that strenuous,” so I returned to my office around 11 a.m. to finish my work. Before I returned home, I received a message from a friend asking me to check my Facebook. Surprisingly, I discovered the photos taken this morning on the faculty’s Facebook page.

May be an image of 2 people, people sitting, headscarf, outdoors and text that says 'FSSHeart UTM THE BEST MAY TO PRED GET IN LIFE WHAT YOU 人 STARTED IS TO QUIT YOUR FUTURE SELF WIL'
Thank you to the photographer for this picture.

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I am who I am and what I am cannot be defined by what I have/posses or have done. Therefore, I am me.