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We went to PWTC last year to go to International Book Fair (Pesta Buku Antarabangsa) on 27 April 2019 (Friday).  I had to join this trip to replace a teacher as a chaperone.  So, I was entrusted to chaperone four female students (2 form 3 students and 2 form 4 students).   Our English panel needed a representative to write an essay about the trip to be included in the school magazine which is published biannually.  It was a chance that I would definitely grab.  But since the articles are meant for students, I could not submit an article in that magazine.  What a shame!  But I asked (forced) two of the girls in my group to submit an article.  So, here is the article that I have edited before they submitted it for printing.   This is an example of informal article composition, but if you omit the name of the authors/writer, it can be considered as a descriptive composition (describe an event).   So, for directed writing, actually it is similar with continuous writing format.  The only difference is the points are given unlike continuous writing in which you have to figure out yourself the points that you want to include in your essay.

Title:  A day trip to PWTC

Written by Thaqifah Izyan Binti Ahmad and Ezzah Raabiatul  Adawiyah Binti Mokhtaruddin

It has always been one of my dreams to go on a trip with my friends to Kuala Lumpur.  Early this year, our Malay language teacher, Miss Normah Binti Nayan told us about a trip that would be organized by our school to Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) at Kuala Lumpur.  I felt so excited and could hardly wait the day even though it would be in April.  We were going to PWTC to go to the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair 2018 (KLIBF18).

I still could remember the day vividly, Friday 27th April 2018.  I could hardly sleep and just managed to catch a wink because we have to gather at Az-Zahra musolla of our school at 0330 am.  I woke up at 0220 am and woke my roommate too, Ezzah because she would also be in this trip.  There were 80 students and 20 teachers who went on this trip. 

We departed from our school at 0345 am and we were advised by Ustazah Norzihan Binti Saniman to make du’a for our safety and other things that we wish in life.  Normally, we would still be asleep at 0345 am even though it is considered as the best time for tahajjud.  This time around, since we were wide awake to start our day-trip to Kuala Lumpur, we took this chance to make du’a to Allah in the last third of the night.  Ustazah Norzihan told us about the Prophet’s hadith which was narrated by Abu Hurairah (RA): “In the last third of every night, Our Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer) Allah SWT Descends to the lowestmost heaven and says ‘Who is calling Me, so that I May Answer him?  Who is asking Me so that May I Grant him? Who is seeking forgiveness from Me so that I May Forgive him?’  [Sahih al-Bukhari, hadith Qudsi].  I made a simple due in which I pray May Allah Grant me all my wishes.  Since it not even 0400 am, I felt sleepy and thus, I fell asleep throughout the journey afterwards. 

I only woke up when we arrived at Pagoh’s R&R at 0557 am.  We performed Subh prayer at the R&R’s musolla and after that we had our breakfast eating Nasi Ambeng that the teachers ordered for us.  We met other students and teachers from different schools who were also going to PWTC.  We continued our journey at 0700am and this time around, I did not fall asleep after that and I enjoyed looking at the scenery along the way to PWTC. 

To ensure our safety and wellbeing, Miss Normah as the group leader of this trip divided each of us into a group of four.  There were 20 groups of students and 20 teachers were assigned to all of the groups to act as chaperones.  The teacher assigned for our group was Teacher Hadijah Binti Jaffri and there were four of us in her group: Ezzah, Azwa, Nadhirah and me.  I was so glad and happy because Teacher Hadijah was assigned as our group chaperone. 

We arrived at PWTC at 1005 am and the teachers gathered us for a quick briefing before letting us go to PWTC to explore the various booths ourselves.  Teacher Hadijah instructed us to meet her at 1200 pm around lunch time.  Ezzah and I spent around two hours browsing various booths.  I bought several books for myself and my parents.  I bought my parents a book entitled ‘Mendidik anak lelaki’ by Adnan Hassan Salleh.  The book that I bought for myself was a novel by Hilal Asyraf entitled ‘V.T’.  It was recommended by Ustazah Nur Nasihah Al-Sakinah Binti Abdul Manan when I accidentally bumped into her at one of the booths.  I love reading that book because it makes me feel motivated. 

While waiting for Teacher Hadijah, Ezzah and I ate a sandwich that we bought for RM5.  We shared the sandwich because we thought that the food that they sold at the small stalls inside the PWTC were costly.    At around 1155am, Nadirah found us while we were about to finish our sandwich because Teacher Hadijah wanted to bring the four of us to Sunway Putra just across the street from PWTC for lunch.  We went to Burger King® and Teacher Hadijah gave the four of us a treat.  All of us ordered one whole set each.  While waiting for our order to arrive, Teacher Hadijah realized that Azwa was not feeling well.  She went to the nearby pharmacy to buy some medicine.  I could tell that she is a caring person because she looked so concerned when she knew Azwa was not feeling well. 

After lunch, we went back to PWTC and waited the bus to arrive.  The bus arrived at 0250 pm and we went to take a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train at National Museum station to go to Kajang.  I felt so excited because this would be my first experience to take a ride on MRT train.  It took us around 45 minutes to arrive MRT Kajang Station which is nearby to the famous Hj Samuri’s satay Kajang restaurant.  It took us a few minutes by walk from the MRT Kajang Station to the restaurant.  We performed our Zuhr and ‘Asr prayers at the restaurant’s musolla.  We enjoyed eating satay Kajang to our fullest.  We stayed at the restaurant until 0530 pm.  It was raining heavily when the bus arrived to pick us up. 

I could hardly wait to read the books that I bought so I started reading it while on the bus on the way back to Johor.  After a while, I felt tired from reading and I had a quick chat with my friend before both of us decided to sleep.  Around 0815 pm, we woke up when we arrived at Ayer Keroh’s R&R.  We performed Maghrib and ‘Isya’ prayers at the musolla.  After that, Ezzah and I ate curry noodles that both of us shared for dinner.   We departed from Ayer Keroh at 0915 pm and arrived at our school at 0120 am.  Even though I felt exhausted but I was happy because I had a memorable trip with my friends to Kuala Lumpur and I have fulfilled one of my wishes.  I wish that I could have many trips with my friends in the future.  [1050 words]


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