An example of learning management system for e-content: Flipgrid

I was searching for more examples of learning management system.  When I googled the meaning of learning management system, a good example of learning management system is our UTM elearning.  So, using Prezi is not enough to be considered as learning management system because there is no online interaction.  Prezi, Padlet, Trello and such could be categorised as collaborative tools.  

BUT, Flipgrid is different.  You can upload your note, link Youtube videos and such and ask students to discuss about a topic.  I am still a novice in using Flipgrid (I just found out about this today).  But, if you want to have a look an example of my activity (a trial and with no students, I could not show any interaction yet).  For Flipgrid, your students can provide a short video clip of their responses.  So, if you have very busy students who always on a go, they can stay engage outside classroom with you through Flipgrid.  

Unlike Prezi, Flipgrid is FOC (Free of Charge) [Note: It might change in the future though].  

P.S: Psssttt… Flipgrid is an example of e content [Learning Management System]  😀


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