BS4DCP? What is that?

Some people asked me if I underwent BS4DCP like them.  I said that during my time, we had Induction Course.  I had that long time ago (more than 10 years ago).  Upon saying this, I realize that I am not young.  Let’s admit that.  With the number 4 in front of my age, unlike BMW 4 Series, some of the things that I have are starting to deplete.  Yup.

I was informed that one of the things that they have to do as new academic staff is to attend the BS4DCP courses.  They have to do assignments and one of it is to create a post on their (webometrics).  One of the juniors suggested that they should look my webometrics.  Hearing that, my first reaction is “What?  My webometrics?” It is kind of funny when people start looking at my webometrics as a reference.  I never thought that I would be this famous.  Oh man!

But what a heck!  Please go through my posts as you wish.  If whatever I have posted make sense and could help you guys in completing your assignments, I feel honored that I could assist you guys through this blog.  Happy reading!

P.S:  I write this post with the knowledge that you will read this somehow (tongue in cheek remark!)

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