Chocolate, anyone?

Every semester, I aim to do something new and learn at least one new thing.  I know some might say that I am capable to do or learn more than one thing but my aim is to do something or learn something new extremely well.  That is challenging.

I had a quick look at my Elearning before coming to my first undergraduate class today.  I noticed that there were three students who have “visited” my Elearning five days ago (5 February 2020).  At that time, Nihra told me that the Elearning was not that stable yet so I have to wait at least few days to start uploading materials and whatsnot.  I uploaded some materials on Friday (7 February 2020).

What should I do to reward the students who made such attempt to visit my Elearning?  I looked around my office.  Apparently, my junk food stock has “diminished” and all what left is the chocolate that one of my seniors gave me when she went to Jogjakarta last year.  An artisan chocolate.   So, I looked at the names again and wrote it down before I went to class.

As I started my class with introduction to the course, I remembered about those students.  So, I stopped my explanation for awhile and started to call their names.  They were shocked.  But I know that they are flattered as well.  Something that might has never happened to them before.  Who would care to reward a simple attempt of logging to the Elearning, right?

I reward them because it is unusual for students during their semester break to log in to Elearning, just to have a look at “what’s-new”.  Of course, it is related to the things we are going to discuss this semester.

This is not the chocolate that I gave them. They are not that lucky though (tongue in cheek remark)

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