COVID-19: Another spring clean project

I find it hard to find face mask connector at shops or malls.  Perhaps I don’t go out that much and find any that I fancy.  One of my seniors gave me the face mask connector that she made using an elastic and buttons.  But it is too big for me.  I cannot use it for myself.  I keep it in my bag with extra unused face mask just in case somebody might need it.

It has been a while since my last upcycling project.  As I look at left-over fabrics that I have from my last projects, I find some that I can use to make as a  face mask connector.

Here are some of the face mask connectors.

I don’t have enough button. So, I use brooch instead. The buttons that I used here were taken from my old PJs. I cannot use the old PJs fabric, so I just take the buttons.

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