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Remember about the post that I posted few weeks (months) ago? I got the information from the session that I attended. I might have misconception on certain. When I look at my ELPPT 2019 (last year) evaluation for the E-Content, I managed to get 3 marks: 1 mark (Receptive Basic) and 2 marks (Receptive Closed) from 7 E-content materials I uploaded. One thing for sure, if you upload two materials which fall under the same category such as Receptive Basic, you will get 1. So, if you upload one material falls under the category of Receptive Basic and one materials which falls under the category of Receptive Closed, you will get 3 marks. By merely uploading two materials of different categories, you will get accumulated marks. Darn, isn’t it?

I just need to clarify that online quiz like Quizziz is considered as Receptive Basic. Yup. It is 1 mark. But it is kind of confusing because, it is interactive in a way that students interact with the material by answering the questions, and they get immediate feedback (depending on the setting). What went wrong here?

What about Prezi note. It clearly falls under the category of Receptive Basic (1). So how do I get the 1 marks for Receptive closed category (2 marks)? I put my Prezi note on my people.utm.my/hadijahjaffri. There. It is upgraded into another category.

So, if you are asking me how to get 3, 4 or 5 marks. Clearly, I don’t have any idea. Apparently whatever things that I learn so far from whatever workshop does not help much. Am I feeling despair?

Why should I? I know I have done the best. That is all that matters.

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