How to inform parents about their children performance?

There are many ways that teachers can do to inform parents about their children academic performance.  When I did my Latihan Ikhtisas, one of the ways that I did was to use Quizziz and send the report to parents.  This method does work to let the students know that we (teachers) always keep in touch with their parents and let them about their progress.

A week after I sent the email, one of the students told me this “Teacher, mak saya kata saya tak boleh tengok TV kalau tak baca buku.  Mak saya kata teacher hantar email ke dia ya beritahu pasal kuiz yang saya jawab?” [Translated: Teacher, my mom told me that I cannot watch TV if I don’t read books.  She also told me that you sent an email about the quiz that I took].  I looked directly at him and said “So, what should you do now? Will you answer the quiz seriously next time?”  He sheepishly replied “Saya akan ikut cakap mak saya dan saya tak akan main-main bila jawab kuiz” [Translated: I will follow what my mom said and I will not play around while answering the quiz].


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