Making hand-sewn pouches is just a hobby

Some people can turn their hobby into earning living.  Nope.  It is not me though.  When I showed to some friends the pouch that I made, one of them ordered 3 pouches.  3?  I was shocked and amazed that someone wants my pouch.  

At first, I think that I can finish the order during this short Eid adha break.  But as I was making the third pouch, I feel that I am no longer enjoy making the pouch.  What has happened?  What is happening now?  As I look at the unfinished pouch, I ask myself.  Why am I making the pouch on a first place?  Am I trying to get extra income?  Or is it a way for me to unwind?  If I start feeling stressful while making a pouch, it means that it is no longer a means for me to unwind.  Right?

Then, I realise that I feel pressured because I have to follow certain kind of requirement.  The person requested me to make her the three pouches with specific measurement: 21cm x 15cm pouches.  A pouch with an exact measurement.  When I look at the first two pouches that I made, I realise that there is no specific measurement.  I made it using my own hunch.  I look at my Cath Kidston’s pouch, then I decide that I want to have a slightly smaller pouch, so I just make a smaller version without exact measurement using whatever available cloth/fabric.  But when I got the order with specific measurement, I find it challenging to find “left-over” fabric or cloth.  

I asked myself “What is my original intention of making the pouch?”  It is definitely not for sale.  So, I told my friend that I cannot finish her third pouch.  I had finished two of the pouches.   I told her that I am no longer enjoy the process of making the pouch because I have started to feel stressful while making it.  It is not supposed to be that way.   I apologise to her because I don’t think I can finish the third one.  Luckily, she understands it.   

So, the reason of me showing the pouches is not to attract customers.  Nope.  I don’t sell these pouches.  It is just a means for me to unwind.  Meaning, if I feel making a pouch, I will make one without thinking too much about the end product.   

[Psst… I am learning different styles of hand-sewing, so I am experimenting with that while making the pouches.  😀 ]

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