Multiple intelligence: What is that?

Any intelligence theory is complicated and could easily be misunderstood because there are many layers of intelligence.   Some might think that if a student prefers to use audio style of learning (i.e. listening to lecture, talk, engaging in discussion etc.), he/she is an auditory learner.  Well, it is easy to accept such assumption because it gives a quick way to understand one’s preference in learning.  But, as human being, we are complex beings and thus, there are so many aspects and factors that affect our learning.  

When Howard Gardner proposed his theory of Multiple Intelligence, he wrote many articles about it but off lately, other researchers have found findings that contradict Gardner’s idea.  Gardner acknowledges that he might overlook some parts of human learning.  As teachers, we have to take time to know our students.  Knowing their intelligence level or learning preference is not enough.  Compassion is one of the key elements to be emphatic teachers.  

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