New Academia Learning Innovation (NALI) Active learning: Using Tarsia

We discussed about teaching and learning approach (pendekatan pengajaran dan pembelajaran).  So, I demonstrated that in one session of teaching and learning, we can combine the elements of teacher-centered approach with student-centered approach and material/activity-centered approach.

In the first hour, I gave a lecture on the types of teaching and learning approach (this an example of teacher centered approach) and later on I did an activity using Tarsia puzzle (this is an example of material/activity-centered approach). Then, in a small group of five students, I gave them a set of Tarsia puzzle and they need to solve the puzzle together.

The concept is similar like peer instruction, but in this case it involves more than two students in which they have to work in group to solve the puzzle (this is an example of student centered approach).   In my class, there are six groups (since I have 31 students in my class).  So, there are six sets of Tarsia puzzle that I have prepared earlier.  Well, I only have to prepare one, make a copy of that and cut the pieces before I give the students to solve the puzzle as an activity in class.

The students were in group to solve the puzzle i.e. Tarsia
Tarsia in the making
A template which I made few copies later on
It works!!!!
My Tarsia pouch

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