Part 1_Citra Karisma (Anugerah Webometrics) 2019: The food is delicious

When I first got the email from the organiser to confirm my attendance to the event, I wanted to decline without any specific concrete reason except “I feel cringe”.  Yup. I don’t like to be in the spotlight.  I know some are looking forward and even create opportunity to be in the spotlight.  Nope.  That is not me.

I revel in being nobody.  Yup.  I am so used of being nobody since childhood.  I was not the straight As student (academically outstanding) nor athletics.  Nope.  None of it.  But I asked one of my seniors that I am close with to get some opinions whether I should go to the event.  She said “Dijah, you need to go or ________________ (fill in the blank)”.  The way she said is like I will be doom to reject such invitation.  It is akin to decline the invitation from Don Corleone (if anyone is wondering who is Don Corleone, as a start, you can find more information HERE).   Seriously?  I never thought that we have Don Corleone at UTM.

I asked another senior.  Her reply “Pergi je la.  Bukan senang nak jumpa Datuk NC.  Nak naik pangkat kena la tonjol muka biar orang pentadbiran universiti kenal” .  Errr…. Meeting Datuk NC and making myself known by the important people is the last thing that I have in my mind.  Nope.

I was not convinced.  So I asked few seniors more including Norah.  Norah said “Dijah, rugi tak pergi.  Makan sedap.  Bukan senang nak dapat UTM belanja makan sedap”  Makan sedap?  It sparks my curiosity:  “What kind of food they will serve us?”.    Yup.  I made my decision based on food.  So shallow, right?



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