Part 4_Citra Karisma (Anugerah Webometrics) 2020: Apalah yang dimerapukan?

When I submitted the application form, I need to write something about the blog.  Other nominees would write about themselves more than 50 words long.  Me?  I cringe with just the thought of writing something about myself.  Nay.  So I ended up writing “Laman web saya mengandungi kandungan yang serious dan juga santai seperti bukti pengajaran, strategi yang saya gunakan untuk mengawal tekanan dan sebagainya” [22 words].  There you go.  As you can see, the person in charge of this booklet screen captured one page from my webometrics and lo and behold, look at the title: “Anugerah Webometrics 2019: Should I?

If you look at previous recipients (2016, 2017, 2019), they wrote extensive narrative description about themselves.  There is nothing wrong with that.  But in my case, I chose not to write lengthy stuff about myself.

Few of my friends asked me “What was I thinking?” when I wrote that knowing that it will appear in the booklet for this year Citra Karisma.  Oh do I care!  That is my initial reaction.  Why should I be pretentious, right?  I am what I am and who I am cannot be defined with what I wrote, have written, write and will write in any piece of paper.  [This quote sounds familiar.  Oh no!  I sound more like my mentor, Yedullah Kazmi]

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I am who I am and what I am cannot be defined by what I have/posses or have done. Therefore, I am me.