Post pandemic classes: What I have learned so far?

There are students who have never experienced attending physical class since they registered due to the pandemic. I have observed that some have difficulty adjusting at the beginning of this semester. Few of them are still struggling until now (it is already Week 10), preferring online over physical classes.

I do not blame them.  Adjustment presents different challenges to us and each of us have different ways to cope with stress etc.  To stay emphatic is a challenge that I experience as an instructor.  It is a learning process.  I should not be overly critical of myself.

I learn few features in Quizziz that I never explore before from a colleague.  I created a lesson material using Quizziz.  The students love it!  I used a mixture of digital and physical materials for an activity.  The physical materials?  Papers and markers.  

I told him that the floor is dirty. To be in a creative mode and remain comfortable, he decided to lay down.

Few of them did not attend the class today.  Apparently, COVID-19 is still lingering around.  Indeed.

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