Quillbot: Paraphrasing tool (Part 1)

One of my friends showed me a tool to check spelling, grammar, and other things. I was excited, but when I found out that the paid version has more features, I was a little unsure. There are a few types of subscriptions that we can choose. But yesterday, as I was struggling to come up with better phrases and words, my friend (you know who I’m talking about!) who happened to be sitting next to me opened up Quillbot. She was able to come up with better phrases and wording in a matter of seconds.

Wow! I was impressed, and without further delay, I took out my credit card and began the subscription process. However, I was unable to complete the transaction. Something is wrong. I informed her that I was unable to complete the process. She did something incredible! I would be eternally grateful to her for her kindness. I began using Quillbot before 8 a.m. today. I used the tool to improve my writing. I used an abstract of my student’s thesis, a personal project, and some previous postings on this blog to get myself familiar with Quillbot.

I am aware that this technology is useful, but how will it assist me enhance my writing skills? (the skills that I possess without relying to any tool).

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