Quizziz or Kahoot!? Which is which?

One of my colleagues asked me the difference between Quizziz and Kahoot!.  Being a novice in using both websites, I just give her my honest opinions.  But again, both has its own unique features that work for different purposes.  So, its usefulness is based on our needs actually.  It is a tool.  Like pen and pencil.  Both are meant for writing (same purpose) but if you want something that difficult to be erased, pen might be a better option as compared to pencil.  For pencil, all you need is a bit of your saliva to erase what you want to erase (get the picture? 😀 )

Quizziz has an extensive test bank from various teachers and educators around the world.  When I started using it in late 2016,  there was word limitation (meaning, you cannot give lengthy question/answer), but things have changed.  But for Kahoot!, there is still word limitation.  Meaning, if you want to give a case or scenario question, Quizziz offers better choice.  But to get immediate response or if you want to give short questions, Kahoot! is a better option.  

I showed her my Quizziz and Kahoot! to give her a better “visualisation”.  Well, I hope she gets the idea.  I encourage her to join Quizziz so that we can share our materials.  Of course, I show her as well some of my exclusive stuff which I use for my class that I don’t make it public.  Why?  Sometimes it is based on specific journal articles or materials that we use for class discussion.  So, whatever that I make public in my Quizziz is generic, not specific topics.  Like grammar, for example.  

I also showed her how to link it to her E-Content. 


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