The 2nd International Action Research Competition (i-ARC) 2022/2023: Should I?

I was devastated when the article that I sent to a highly recognized journal in August was rejected. So, I changed the article a bit and sent it to another local journal publisher. But I have not hear anything from them yet until now. I got a response from the former journal within two weeks but it is nearly two months since I heard anything from the latter. *sigh*

One of my friends suggested that perhaps I should consider i-ARC 2023 and get some feedbacks that I can use to improve my research. Perhaps the problems lie in the way I conducted the action research. Reading action research textbooks makes me realize that there are many models. Some are highly theoretical and others are more practical. May be there are things that I overlook while conducting action research in my class. If this is the case, I need to get feedbacks. One of the ways that I can think of getting feedback is through sending my article about the action research that I conducted in my class to be evaluated by others.

It took me a few hours to shorten the article which I originally had planned to submit to a refutable Action Research journal. Well, I admit that I recycled some ideas from the rejected article. It is a normal process to edit, adjust and recycle ideas from different article. Is it plagiarism? It is from me as the author. It is my work and the data was collected by me over more than 4 semesters (until Session 2021/2022). But, for i-ARC2023, I only used data that I collected last semester (Semester 2, Session 2022/2023). Why? The data that I collected from Session 2019/2020 until 2021/2022 has already been used for another article. Also, I think I need to make sure that I would not overpublish my data. I have seen some had done it before but personally, I try to avoid this practice.

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