Wakelet is no longer free

Wakelet has its own community. After having being a member for about a year, I notice there are several changes in Wakelet. To be a member, I had to take a test and a certificate would be given as a proof of membership. However, the membership is valid for a year.

Honestly, I use Wakelet this semester to assign an asynchronous activity to my postgraduate students. They find Wakelet as a platform that easy to use. But, I notice that my students could not write any comment or feedback (unlike Padlet). At first, I thought it might be due to the settings. Later, I realise perhaps it has something to do with the new policies. Yup. It is no longer free.

Should I add another one more platform to subscribe? It is still affordable but unlike Prezi which I still use extensively for my class notes, I think having Padlet is sufficient for the time being. So far, since I started my subscription in 2020, the fees remain the same (the price is different for those subscribers who start their subscription in 2022).

I know that some of you might ask why should I subscribe these platforms whereas the UTM elearning is more than enough. The thing is, I want to enrich my students learning experiences. I know I can enrich their experiences without having to subscribe any platform but I believe that it is a good investment for myself to learn something new. I do not know how far I could keep up with the everchanging digital platforms, applications etc. But I try my best to something new every semester. This is my goal.

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