What to write for the “Reflection” part in your OBE CAR?

What to write in the “Reflection” part in your OBE CAR?  To be honest, it is up to you what to write in this part.  But for me (since I am super lazy to think further), I will summarise what have been highlighted in the CQI for PO and CLO.  This time around, I use the three headings: Analysis of data, Areas for improvement and Action Plan to emphasize my views.

Here is an example from one of the courses that I taught.  Pssttt… if you want to copy-paste my example, it might be considered as plagiarism.   So, it is up to you to remain ethical and uphold your integrity.

Analysis of data:

The students comprised of teachers (primary and secondary school) as well as others (counselors and just recently graduated their bachelor’s degree).  I assigned them with assignments that challenge them to think outside the box.  They were asked to think about an issue related to a topic assigned to them and they have to discuss the issue from relevant perspective using personality psychology theories or models.  However, only some of them are able to relate relevant theories with personality traits.   This can be exemplified through their writing in assignment and final examination (take home examination).

Few of the students are less critical and analytical in explaining the various concepts of personality psychology.  Based on the assignment given to them, in general majority of students are able to explain, investigate and relate personality traits based on personality assessment scores and relevant theories.   Some of the students are able to provide insightful criticisms and evaluation.  Quizzes are given twice.  One of the quizzes is given through ELearning and thus they can take the quiz multiple times (as formative assessment).

Areas of improvement:

Some students are struggling to understand with some concepts such as psychoanalysis and humanistic views of personality traits.  They are not able to differentiate between various theories that explain various personality traits and domains.  This can be exemplified in their quiz and final exam marks.  This could be due to lack of reading since majority of them do not have a textbook (I have suggested the main textbook and other references that that they should refer to for this course).

Action plan:

To assist students to understand the various concepts better, I would encourage them to submit their report draft for feedback that they can use to improve the quality of their report (I have practiced this for several semesters but unfortunately, only few students took the chance to submit their draft for comments).  In addition, I would also encourage them to take any quiz that I assign on the ELearning as a means to self-regulate their learning.  Some of the students requested to have more than one quiz (but only the highest marks will be considered as the final marks for their quiz).  Unfortunately, only few of them took this chance.  So, perhaps, they need extra encouragement to try out the quizzes without feeling too much pressure while attempting it.  In addition, I will encourage or semi-force the students to have a textbook.

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